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News One Shaft Shredder Price

One Shaft Shredder Price

December 16, 2021     News

One shaft shredder price is dependable on housing materials, components, manufacturing processes, functions, specifications, etc. The price spans from of $12,000 to $250,000. In Wiscon Shredder, we combine your target goal with our model selection within your budget.

Plastic shredder and wood shredder are composed of hopper, shafts, blades, pusher, reducer gear, housing, motor, power transmission, electrical control system. The structure is simple and the benefits of plastic shredder is apparent:

  1. Rotary blade DC53 steel, Counter blade is D2 alloy, with high hardness and wear-resistance.
  2. Available in VSD or hydraulic drive.
  3. Automatic reversing function protect the machine from overloads and jams.
  4. Engineered with bearing outcasted, so blades can be changed quickly and efficiently.
  5. There 4 indexable edge of one blade, reducing running costs and downtime.
  6. Versatile application with controllable output size.
  7. Mechanical protection and safety, in accordance with European CE standards.

What Determines One Shaft Shredder Cost

1. Number of shaft (axis)

The more shafts, the more expansive the shredder is. One shaft shredder equips one shaft, meaning only one rotor. Comparing to two shaft shredder and four shaft shredder, one shaft shredder would cost the least.

Rotors come in different configurations. Standard rotor does not have specialized purpose but it can well manage most of the common waste. Some twists to the rotor can enhance shredding ability against hard, rigid plastics as well as plastic films (flexible materials). This special design can increase in overall costs.

One Shaft Shredder Price

P380, Plastic Shredder

2. Drive

Traditionally, single shaft shredder is driven by an electric motor. Some manufacturers advice hydraulic drive or VSD (variable speed drive), which are especially useful for handling challenging materials, although these two drives increase the price significantly.

For power bigger than 37kW, Wiscon Envirotech added a hydraulic coupling for electric drive. This measure can protect motor in case of shock and jam, also it is good for motor start up.

Heavy-duty Shredder, T4150

90kW Shredder

3. Specifications

For the same type of wood shredder, its specifications are divided into a variety of models. Mainly according to the output per hour, power and chamber size, a higher output lies on a bigger model and thus bigger power. The choice should be based on their actual output to choose the right model specifications.

Note that the screen opening plays an important role in output rate, as bigger the holes, higher the output.

One Shaft Shredder Cost

Hydraulic Shredder in China

4. Shredder Performance

Shredder performance is mainly in the stability, shredding efficiency, service life, but also energy consumption, level of automation, continuous usage and easiness of maintenance. Safety is another major factor, if we include CE standard and UL standard, as well as all kinds of lockout device and limit switches for safety.

A good performance of the shredder results in uniform materials, high efficiency, and greatly saving costs with high level of automation and safety. Relatively speaking, the price of equipment is also higher with these aforementioned functions.

5. Brand influence

Brand takes up a large of the margain. The level of production technology, know-hows, expertise render a huge distinction in the final product. The difference includes quality of after-sales service, adds-on, machine performance and service life. In general, small factories cannot be compared to well-established  companies, so it is recommended to choose a historical brand and reliable shredder manufacturers like Wiscon Envirotech.

One Shaft Shredder Price Range

Shredding Chamber

The above 5 factors affect the two Shaft Shredder Cost. For more details and assistance on model selection, please contact Wiscon Shredder (Wiscon Envirotech Inc.).

Two Shaft Shredder Price

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