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One Axis Shredder

October 3, 2022     News

One Axis Shredder (aka single shaft shredder) is an ideal crusher for any kind of hard and soft plastic, aluminium, paper and carton, copper cables, wood, fabric, foam, rubber, and electric devices. It can be used as briquetting machine or disintegration machinery.

A Single Axis Shredder is a low-speed shredder that works in two ways, either shredding or chipping the material into various shapes and dimensions. Large volume of waste can be reduced to small particles. It can also be used to recycle hard or soft plastic waste and metal, aluminium, copper cable and oil drums into briquettes. The resulting particles are in a size of 40mm to 100mm. This size reduction helps the volume required in the process of sorting, disintegeration, transportation and incineration.

Similar to one shaft shredder, double axis shredder produces course shredded materials due to its unique cross-cut structure. Please refer here for more info.

Single Axis Shredder

One Axis Shredders

One Axis Shredder Benefits

– Long service life of rotor and blades.
– Quiet operating, unlike crusher.
– Slanted pusher for smooth material feeding.
– Sturdy construction and robust hydraulic unit.
– Different types of rotors for various types of recyclable material.
– Various size and types of screens for different chip sizes.
– Powerful motor from 18.5 to 200kW.

Wiscon single axis shredder is designed to help reduce waste in your business by recycling materials and reducing environmental impact. Our crusher machine can convert a variety of plastic and paper waste into small pellets that can easily be disposed of via the outlet chute. The shredded particles can subsequently be transported away by an extract conveyor or an auger.

Wiscon products are ideal for businesses that need a reliable equipment partner to help reduce their eco-footprint. Besides 1-axis shredder, We offer all kinds of shredder machines and we dare to say we get you covered under the roof of recycling equipment.

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