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OCC Shredder

June 20, 2023     News

An OCC shredder is a type of industrial shredder specifically designed to process and shred Old Corrugated Containers (OCC) waste. OCC shredders are used to break down and downsize OCC materials, such as cardboard boxes, into smaller particles. It is very common to deploy a shredder at the beginning of the OCC recycling line.

OCC Shredder

OCC Single Shaft Shredder: P3150

Learn More About OCC Waste

OCC stands for Old Corrugated Containers, which refers to used tetra pack and cardboard with aluminum foil, rags and ropes that have been discarded or recycled.

Old Corrugated Containers waste is commonly generated from paper mills and paper-based product makers.

Waste materials include tetra pack, cardboard, newspaper, paper core, printed waste, trim donuts, slab waste, butt rolls (tissue and towel), in forms of bales, rolls and sheets.

Why OCC Shredder Matters?

The primary purpose of an OCC shredder is to prepare cardboard waste for further processing or recycling like a drum pulper. For paper and cardboard manufactuerers and mills, this is an essential step.

By shredding OCC, the volume is reduced, making it easier to extract fibre. More importantly, removal of metal contaminants makes possible, ensuring a cleaner and higher-quality output.

Pain Points of the current OCC Recycling

OCC shredders should equip with a powerful motor, rotating blades and a big shredding chamber to accommodate the size and thickness of OCC materials. However, OCC shredders encounter problems, for example, often jams, undersized chamber and inconsistent output size.

Shredder jams are a result of winding by ropes (rags) over rotors and of low motor power. A bad design of blade arrangement can also cause ropes to tangle.

An example of rags

Inconsistent output size is a typical issue of using a double shaft shredder, especially when the blades are dull. For a uniform particle size, Wiscontech suggests using a single shaft shredder. The particle ranges from 40mm-60mm guaranteed.

A big chunk of metals is another reason that results in jams. A metal separation is recommended  shredding beforehand.

OCC Crusher

OCC Process Line

Before selecting a OCC shredder or OCC crusher, please consult with us for capacity, size and output size. Wiscontech would choose the best shredder with affordable technologies.

OCC shredders play a crucial role in the recycling industry, helping to efficiently process and recycle large volumes of OCC waste. They create a pulp for recycling into new cardboard or paper-based products.



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