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News Nylon Shredder & Granulator

Nylon Shredder & Granulator

September 19, 2021     News

Wiscon Nylon shredder and nylon granulator are used by plastic processing companies to cope with plastic waste generated from the production. Besides nylon (PA), the shredder machine and granulator can recycle engineering plastics such as HIPS, PEEK(PS), ABS, PE, PA, PA 6, PA 66 GF, PC, and POM.

Polyamide (PA) or nylon-based compounds belong to the technical plastics sector, often referred to as engineering plastics due to their main strengths and respective applications: good thermal and chemcial resistance, high rigidity, good electrical characteristics, and highly attainable flame retardancy.

Nylon plastics feature unique properties. Comparing to PP and PE resin, they have high monetary values. It is important to recycle and reuse plastic waste again with virgin material at a later stage.

Nylon Shredder (PA Shredding Machine)

A single-shaft shredder is sufficient to handle PA lumps, no matter nylon in rod, lumps or just non-conforming products. The slow-rotarting but high-torque rotor downsizes a PA waste within seconds. For capacity lower than 1000/hr, P series is a recommended. It is small in terms of footprint and volume but it does not compromise on capacity and output quality.

If your requirement goes above 1000kg/hr, T series that features a bigger rotor and more robust construction guarantee a super high reliable result. Both shredder machines equip a pusher and hardened blades.

The output size is around 40mm. It is uniform becuase the screen ensures the shredded particles, otherwise the particles are remained in shredding chamber.

Nylon shredder

Nylon (PA) Shredding Machine

Nylon Granulator (PA Crusher)

Nylon granulators can directly process nylon lumps once they equip C-type rotor. It is a rigid rotor with multiple short blades instead of long and few long baldes. Short blades mean each blades endure less shock but deliver more cutting each turn.

In conjunction with nylon shredder, a plastic granulator with standard rotor can size reduce the shredded particles at 40mm-60mm at an ease. The cyclone collector collects all final regrinds with no dust emission. This is commonly referred to as “closed-loop recycling,” which reduces the amount of waste produced.

Nylon Granulator

Nylon Lump Shredding Video

Nylong Lump with Talcum Shredding Video

Here is an elaboration on plastic granulator.

Plastic Granulator – CL Series



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