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MSW Shredder

April 2, 2023     News

MSW shredder is a machine used to reduce the size of solid waste materials by cutting or tearing them into smaller pieces. This piece of machine is vital because shredding provides benefits like disintegration and size reduction. These two features facilitate the following mechanical treatment like segregation and transpotation.

You may ask can we skip a MSW shredder? If your waste stream is homogeneous and already in proper size, then such shredder is unnecessary. However in most cases, the waste comes from commercial and industrial and even agricultural aspects. The waste materials could contain furniture, household waste in a bag and IBC (intermediate bulk container).

In short, MSW Shredders can pre-shred all kinds of waste to serve purposes of downsizing, recycling, composting, and waste-to-energy (incineration).

MSW Crusher

MSW Shredder in Europe

What is MSW (Municipal solid waste)?

MSW stands for municipal solid waste. It is a mixed waste that covers include everything from food waste, paper, glass, plastic, biomass and other products. It is noted that there are materials that could be composted or recycled, like plastic bottles and aluminum cans, before heading to a MSW shredder.

Often, we can see bulky waste, industrial waste like textiles, and commercial waste like packaging as well as waste from landfills.

Waste material that contain a high caloric value is a great ingredient for making RDF (refuse deriver fuel) or SRF (solid refuse fuel). Both are a great alternative fuel (AF) to replace fossil fuel. Here is an article for more info:

Fossil Substitution with RDF Fuel

MSW Shredder at Work: Video

MSW Shredding Solution

Municipal solid waste shredders are an essential machine for those who work in recycling or solid waste management. Wiscontech can design a bespoke shredder and process to meet challenges faced by owners of:

  • Landfills
  • RDF Plant
  • Waste Recycling plant
  • Wrecking Companies

Waste Shredder MSW Crushing

Wiscontech provides a list of shredders to cater your waste stream from preshredder to primary shredder, from secondary shredder to fine crusher. Selecting the most reliable and affordable MSW crusher according to your desired throughput, output size, way of sorting, infeeding and extraction.

Benefits of MSW Shredder

MSW shredders are specifically built to meet the tough requirements of the waste industry. Size reduction equipment provides 5 benefits to the waste management industry.

  • Downsizing means cheaper to transfer
  • Early tsize reduction before mechanical treatment
  • Low operating costs
  • Easy to replace consumable parts
  • Provides a positive long-term ROI
Munipal Solid Waste Shredder

MSW Shredder processing foam

Wiscontech not only sell machines, but also designs and implements the project with you! We can provide a CAPEX and ROI for your study.



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