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News Mono-shaft Shredder

Mono-shaft Shredder

October 23, 2021     News

Mono-shaft Shredder also referred as Unishaft Shredder is a cost-effective machine for waste size reduction. It can be used in a variety of dry waste, covering industries of plastic, rubber, wood, fabric, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, etc.

The hydraulically driven rotor is from diameter of 25 centimeter to 800 centimeter, from length of 600mm to 3000mm. The power ranges from 18kW to 400kW dual drive. The modular design and flexible solution cater all your requirement in waste shredding.

Mono-shaft Shredder

Plastic Shredding Onsite

Your Benefits of Deploying Mono-shaft Shredder

  1. One-shaft Shredder adopts robust design and a super reliable performance. Rotor is made of cold work die steel with high wearability, resistance to corrosiveness, and fine arrangement of knives.
  2. Special knives and rotor are selected based on forms and composition of materials, such as general waste, plastic film, and hard materials. Each rotor has its own special twist in design to achieve an optimal state of shredding.
  3. It has low maintenance costs and low noise level about 80db.
  4. One can clean the unishaft shredder conveniently.
  5. Single shaft shredder can be integrated with crusher and conveyor to set up a shredding system. Besides, combining with auxiliary machine will make an effort to reduce labour cost and generate economic benefits.
  6. A screen located under the rotor to ensure that only small enough particles can leave from the one-axis shredder. Particles are determined by screen opening (20mm or 40mm). Particularly, multiple screens are optional for plastic films and knitted bags.
  7. Equipped with a hydraulic drive system to push the material into crushing chamber.
  8. We installed emergency stop buttons on the machine and control panel  in case of emergency occasion.
  9. The rotating direction is automated when overloading or jamming.
Unishaft Shredder

Plastic Shredder with Extraction

Case Analysis: Reducing plastic boards

Due to the large size of the PP boards, they cannot directly process by a granulator. It is better choosing plastic Shredder P3150 to process it, with its large crushing chamber (1400MM×830MM), PP board can be size-reduced easily and efficiently.

The output of mono-shaft shredder P3150 range from 800kg /hr to 1000kg /hr and the power is 80KW. In other words, you can get it with highest power but lowest price; appropriately enlarged chamber combined with lower power can achieve unexpected results.

Shredding Machine Video

Plastic Shredder Machine



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