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News Medical Waste Recycling Machine Briefing

Medical Waste Recycling Machine Briefing

December 25, 2020     News

Medical Waste Recycling Machine is large-scale medical waste disposal. It is specially designed for shredding plastic, metal and disposal medical waste. The whole process can be done fully confined without air pollution or contamination.
The shredded material is controlled by the screen size, the discharge is uniform, the output size is ≤40 mm and the output can reach 1000-3000 kg per hour. The blade is made of imported high strength alloy steel with very strong wear resistance. The final products can be incinerated safely, while plastic waste can be repelletized given a second life.

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Medical Waste Recycling Machine is widely used in the recycling of plastic waste, duster clots, cotton yam with blood, clinical waste, infectious waste, medical waste from syringes.

Medical Waste Recycling Machine Work Flow

The line includes the following equipment
1. Automatic soft feeder
2. Breaking bag
3. Sealed belt conveyor
4. Magnetic separator
5. Gravity separator
6  Garbage disposal
7. Rotary screening machine
8. Integral tossing machine
9. Manual sorting platform
10. Automatic packing machine
11. Deodorization system

The medical waste plastic recycling line is mainly used for sterilizing, cleaning and size reducing of non-prohibited medical waste plastics.
Non-prohibited medical waste plastics are disposable plastic utensils (including infusion bags, infusion bottles, saline bags, but not including infusion tubing and syringes) that have not been contaminated by the patient’s blood, body fluids and excretions.

Medical Waste Recycling Machine

Plastic recycling system for medical waste

Medical Waste Recycling Machine includes drainage collection, washing, heavy lifting and rinsing, cleaning and removal of the pulp label, rubber and aluminum separation cover, bag (bottle) body and bag (bottle) mouth separation, polyurethane foam separation and nearly nine other processes, it can produce pure

  1. PP medical grade recycled polypropylene,
  2. Recycled medical grade composite film particles
  3. Polyisoprene rubber
  4. Foamed polyurethane

The degree of regeneration is up to the second level of the plastic resin industry (can be used for packaging of food and medicine). These health care facilities can reduce the cost of biomedical waste disposal with our green technology, without incineration, and at the same time minimize the risk of cross-contamination since the entire process is performed within a single container.

Wiscon can provide a hazardous medical waste solution that fits your medical waste. Our customers have received these models positively, reporting that they are simpler, more convenient and significantly more economical to use.

Medical Waste Treatment

Biomedical Waste Shredder



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