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MDF Shredder

August 28, 2022     News

MDF Shredder is an industrial recycling machine that allows businesses to create their own wood chips. By creating wood chips, you can store them without taking up floor space and use them for fuel or as fertilizer for your crops!

The capacity ranges from 500kg/h to 10ton/hr. The final size spans from 20mm to 100mm.

The wood is shredded between the rotory blades and a fixed counter knife. A hortizontal reciprocal pusher maximize the interaction between material and rotor. The end product are small wood chips that are discharged from the screen. Then an air extraction system or screw conveyor can transport them away.

MDF Shredder

Wood Shredder Rotor

The MDF shredder has a rugged heavy-duty frame and a big rotor, which allows for a longer lifespan of a single blade. Hydraulic pressure unit. Durable and adjustable. Hardened cleaning knives. Hardened counter-cutting knives. HARDOX sieves.

Applications of MDF Shredder

Size reduction: hardwood and softwood, OSB (Oriented strand board) board, chipboard, MDF sheets, MDF boards, HDF boards, veneers and offcuts.

Companies that may this HDF shredder

  • For biomass size reduction to save transporation costs.
  • Wood product manufacturers who intend to recycle their wood products in house.
  • Businesses concerns with Waste to Energy (RDF) and alternative energy production.
Wood  Shredder

Wood Shredding

MDF shredder video

Fiberwood production by T4150, single shaft shredder.

The process involves one heavy-duty shredder. An tipper infeed device for material feeding, and one conveyor extract shredded particles.

We make wood recycling easy by employing MDF shredder. Runing 24/7 with a steady output matters to us. Consult with us for the latest technologies in wood shredding.



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