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Mattress Shredder

September 15, 2021     News

Waste mattress is a headache for recycling. It is too big and heavy to relocate and even if a waste mattress is collected, there is no easy way to dismantle it. The challenges of transporation and disassembly attract few people to recycle.

However, Wiscon Envirotech developed mattress recycling system derived from waste metal shredding line. The mattress recycling system consists of a mattress shredder, vertical metal crusher and metal separation.

Mattress Recycling System

Mattress Shredder

Is Mattress Recyclable?

100% yes. Mattress is made of spring, foam, sponge and textile. After separating metals, the rest of materials can be separated clearly.

Shredded mattress

Why do Need Mattress Shredder?

The twin-shaft shredder, vertical crusher, all-steel conveying equipment suitable for harsh operating environment, magnetic separation equipment, and dust removal system. The system has the advantages of high automation, high efficiency, low energy consumption, etc. It is mainly used for scrap car shells, scrap metal scraps, scrap mattressm scrap aluminum castings, scrap metal profiles, etc. The processed materials have been cleaned and compacted to 40-60mm, with high stacking density, which is suitable for direct transportation.

The mattress shredder for sale can process Cal king size bed, king-size bed, queen-size bed, full bed, twin bed, and cradle.

The double shaft shredder is driven by motor with 250:1 reducer, which has the advantages of low speed, low noise, high torque and high efficiency. Equipped with internal spline spindle, the blade is made of AISID-2 alloy, which has the characteristics of high strength, good toughness and not easy to break. Provide detachable knife design, convenient for tool replacement and maintenance.

Mattress shredding
The vertical crusher is driven by single side 90KW motor with hydraulic coupling, which has the advantages of high speed and high crushing efficiency. The material is crushed by the hammer head and compacted by the grinding ring and inner liner plate. The grinding ring is made of ZMn17Cr2 material, which has the characteristics of hardness, internal grinding and not easy to lose.

How to Separate Materials from Mattress?

Eddy current sorting equipment and magnetic separation equipment have high sorting efficiency and can effectively separate steel from non-ferrous metals. The dust removal system can efficiently clean up the dust generated during the operation.

Mattress Shredder for Sale

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