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News LDPE and LLDPE Film Shredder

LDPE and LLDPE Film Shredder

September 7, 2021     News

LDPE film shredder and LLDPE film shredder are an ideal machine for size reducing LDPE and LLDPE bales, pirot to film washing. Plastic fims are often made by LDPE (low-density polyethylene) and LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene). In the plsatic recycling industry, we aim to sort and cleanse the contaminants and mixed plastics out of plastic films.

LDPE film shredder

Based on their colour, a plastic bales can be classified as below:

80/20: 80% transperant and 20% coloured.

95/5: 95% transperant and 5% coloured.

98/2: 98% transperant and 2% coloured.

99/1: 99% transperant and 1% coloured.

99/1 being the highest in value and 80/20 and below are the lowest. A cleaner and homogenous plastic film would enhance the value of your plastic film bales or regrind, because it takes less work to make it clean. A low-value plastic film bale would often reduce the service life of shredder blades. A LDPE film shredder with durable blades is vital in plastic recycling.

In the process of LDPE film recycling, to be more specific LDPE film washing, the goal is to get remove contaminants as many as possible. The contaminants include metal particles, dirt, grease, straps, plastic and paper lables. After films are shredded by LLDPE shredder, they will go through multiple sink-float tanks and friction washer, depending on how dirty they are. A plastic film washing line is fully customizable to tailor your plastic film waste.

LLDPE film shredder

Wiscon LDPE film shredder and LLDPE film shredder can achieve 3000kg/hr. They are applicable to agricultural films, food wrap, cling film from industrial and household. Both shredder machines can work 24 hour a day. A built-in overload detection and workload sensor enable they operate at optimal mode and power-saving mode. It allows wet shredding, producing 60mm uniform particles for washing. Following pelletizing, we enable you to obtain a first-grade LDPE pellets.

How do I know it is LDPE and LLDPE?

Plastic films are often printed with a recycle label and a number “4”.

Is LDPE and LLDPE recyclable?

Yes, especially after sorting.

What are the benefits of recycling LDPE films?

LDPE films are easily recycled via a plastic film washing system. The final products can be repurposed for new applications.

LDPE Film Shredder Video

Plastic Film Washing Line Video



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