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News Kayak Recycling Machine

Kayak Recycling Machine

September 11, 2022     News

The transportation and disposal of kayaks can be a problem. Even in a recycling centre, traditional granulators and kayak shredder cannot efficiently process it due to its large volume and long slender shape.

At Wiscon, Kayak recycling machine is an industrial shredder that is especially developed to accept long kayak and all camping equipment, without cutting kyayaks into sections in prior. A kayak shredder features a big rotors and a long pusher along with big chamber.

The capacity of the kayak shredder depends on the impact strength, the wall thickness of the kayaks and the screen opening. The resulting particles is around 40mm by 40mm. Later, they can enter a granulator to obtain finer particles.

Kayak Shredder

kayak recycling machine

Kayak Shredder Applications

All kind of long and slender objects made of plastics are welcome.

  • Paddleboards, Flat water kayaks, whitewater kayaks, kayak skirts & paddles
  • Waterskis inflatable rafts, tubes & towables
  • Plastic Canoes
Kayak shredding

Kayak recycling

Kayak Recycling Machine

The kayak is made of PP or HDPE plsatics. The shredder machine produces up to 3 tons with a perfect state of cutting tools. The feed is from the side by a hoist at the side of the chamber. This can skip the use of conveyor and faciliate an easy infeeding.

An automatic and hydrulic feeding system ensures a constant push to the 4 shredder rotor. Here, the press ram is driven by a durable gear motor.

The housing of the kayak  shredder consists of a stable fabricated and strong welded steel construction. The housing has been provided with outwardly arranged consoles to accommodate the bearings, motors, gears and couplings.

Plastic Kayak Granulator

Plastic Kayak Recycling

Advantages of Kayak Shredding

  • Reduced energy costs by up to 50%.
  • One-step size reduction
  • Low noise and no dust
  • High efficiency and allows continuous opeartion.
  • Do not need cutting in advance, saving time and labour



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