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Jerrycan Shredder

August 26, 2021     News

Did you know that jerrycans or jerry cans were originally made of steel and used as military equipment? Nowadays, plastic jerrycans are more common. They are widely used as portable containers for fuel, gas, and other liquids. The capacity of plastic jerrycans ranges from 5 to 20 litres (1.3 to 5 Gallons).

Used plastic jerrycans can be recycled and processed into useful material again. However, they first need to be shredded and then granulated into smaller pieces. A number of Wiscon Jerrycan Shredders and grinders can be operated to do the job efficiently and smoothly.

Jerrycan Recycling

Jerrycan recycling can be achieved by 3 ways: single shaft shredder, double shaft shredder and plastic granulator. Each comes with its pros and cons.

Jerrycan Shredding by Single Shaft Shredder

As you can see, once the jerrycans are locked in between the ram and the rotor, they are immediately shredded. The process is highly efficient, but it depends on manual tossing in materials. The output size from a single shaft shredder ranges from 20mm to 40mm determined by screen openings.

Jerrycan Shredding by Double Shaft Shredder

The video showcases a complete washing and recycling line of plsatic drum. Similar to jerrycans, a two shaft shredder can downsize multiple plastic containers at a time. Beside, the vertical pusher reduce the spacing among jerrycans and the blades; hence, within 20 sec, a jerrycan is downsized into pieces. The resulting materials is 40mm wide stripes.

Jerrycan Recycling by Plastic Granulator

Granulator may be the easiest way to downsize a jerrycan because the regrind meet 12mm by one step. However, the jerrycan bounces inside the machine, reducing the capacity of the plastic granulator.

Jerrycan Shredder

With our cutting-edge technology in jerrycan shredding, we are confident that our machines can shred your jerrycans at ease. Ranging from our jerrycan shredders to complete recycling system, we would always recommend the most optimal and effective recycling solution to our customers.

Do you have used jerrycans that are occupying your space and need to be processed? Feel free to contact us now! We are ready to work with you to recycle jerrycans together for a more sustainable future.

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