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News Industrial Shredder Supplier

Industrial Shredder Supplier

November 5, 2021     News

Industrial Shredder Supplier provides comprehensive recycling equipment. The shredder machines and recycling systems of the Wiscon brand have been successfully used worldwide for more than 32 years. The main field of application is solid waste management industry, for small and medium-sized companies that pay attention to an optimal cost/benefit ratio. The portfolio covers a wide range of applications, including

  • Wood and lumber industry
  • Scrap metal industry
  • Plastic recycling
  • Tyre recycling
  • Fabric and texitle recycling
  • Confidential destruction
  • Municipal waste
  • Kitchen waste
  • Energy Industry

Please see more here, a list of materials that we have dealt with.

A lots of materials can be reuse or after a series of treamtne can be a valuable fuel for biomass enerygy. Biomass energy is a renewable energy, sourced from natural materials like wood and , which is then generated into heat or electricity.

Industrial shredders are used in a primary stage of solid waste management. The goal is to disintegrate and size reduce waste before heading into incinerators and briquettes.

Common shredders are divided into single shaft shredders, double shaft shredders and four shaft shredders. The double-shaft shredder meets most material disposal requirements with its high output rates, consistent working efficiency and low failure rates.

Industrial Shredder Manufacturer

Wiscon Envirotech industrial shredders have a very wide range of applications and are capable of processing municipal waste, bulky waste, hazardous industrial waste, scrap tires, non-ferrous metals, electronic waste, plastics, cardboard and all other solid waste. Combined with advanced intelligent control systems and interlock safety system, Wiscon Envirotech helps customers increase the level of automation, reduce operating costs and initial investment.

Industrial Shredder Supplier

Industrial Shredder Supplier

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