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News Industrial Shredder Manufacturer

Industrial Shredder Manufacturer

December 1, 2021     News

Wiscon Envirotech is an industrial shredder manufacturer based in China. Wiscon symbolizes 3 decades of expertise and know-how. As a globally active company, we have been advising numerous customers on all continents for many years.

Industrial Shredder Manufacturer

Shredder supplier in China

Background of Industrial Shredder Manufacturer

Flexibility, diligence and innovative are our strength. These aspects describe Wiscon Envirotech as a role of Industrial Shredder Manufacturer. As a traditional family business that combines proven technology with innovative concepts, many customers rely on our products. After all, it is possible to shred almost any solid material. Wiscon Envirotech has decades of experience in this. And this very experience teaches us that no two substances behave the same. Whether wood, plastics, paper, glass, metals, rubber, natural products, minerals, chemicals or other substances: each material in its specific initial form, quantity and the desired degree of comminution depending on the physical and chemical properties behaves differently during comminution.

Reliable and durable size reduction technology therefore means planning, technical know-how and experience. Only with technology on an individual basis is the desired result really assured. In addition, for many tasks the materials to be shredded are not uniform. Mixed fractions and strong differences in the initial form additionally increase the demands on the size reduction technology.

Industrial Shredder Supplier

Product Range of Wiscon Envirotech

As an Industrial Shredder Supplier, Shredding technology from Wiscon Envirotech is optimally tailored to your requirements.

Wiscon Envirotech has developed different types of shredders and crushers. To name a few,

Knives are the core of our design. The width of the knife discs, the tooth shape, the number of teeth per disc and their arrangement on the circumference determine the performance characteristics of each knife. However, the principle of quality does not only apply to the right knife at Wiscon Envirotech. Also important are the stable fit on the shaft and the easy, service-friendly interchangeability. Because as an international manufacturer of shredding machines and complete systems for industrial applications, Wiscon Envirotech is your ideal partner for a wide variety of shredding tasks. Wiscon Envirotech has been developing customized shredding solutions since 1990 and has installed more than 2,000 shredding systems and recycling plants worldwide.

Industrial Shredder P3150 Specs

  • Rotor length 1500 mm
  • Rotor diameter 368 mm
  • Chamber dimensions 1500×1500 mm
  • Motor power 75 kW
  • 5.5 kW hydraulic pump
  • 0.75 kW screw conveyor
  • Number of fixed knives 3 pcs.
  • Number of knives on the rotor 68 pcs (40x40mm)
  • Rotor speed 100 rpm.



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