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News Industrial Shredder for Wood

Industrial Shredder for Wood

September 20, 2020     News

A wood shredder or woodchipper is an equipment used for eliminating wooden material into smaller pieces of wood. They can be used to cut through many types of wood, from hard woods like oak and maple to softer woods such as pine or hickory. Woods are relatively easy to handle, however, woods are bulky before shredding. Usually woods contain metal inside.

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Wood Waste Shredder

These machines were invented and developed for the first time in the 18 centries. At the time, the population did not have access to a large amount of lumber. Wood was not available in sufficient quantities to make good wood products, which is why wood chippers and shredders were invented. When a piece of wood was chopped down, it was usually too large for the tree it had been cut from. So, a truck shredder that can break down woods with the least dust and noise is best for the recycling business. The final products can be used in paper industry and fuel industry.

wood chipper

Today, wood chippers and shredders are used in a wide variety of applications in the world. Some are used for construction, while others are used in the medical field. One common application is the removal of solidified, hardened material, such as hardened concrete. There are also some types of wood that are difficult to chop down and require special equipment. For example, some types of wood contain tannins and will not simply be torn up like other types of wood would.

We can process not only the wood, but also biomass including kitchen waste, trimmings and expired food. You can consult Wiscon for wood waste recycling.



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