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News Industrial Paper Shredder

Industrial Paper Shredder

July 24, 2021     News

The biggest distinction between an industrial Paper Shredder and an office paper shredder is throughput(capacity) per hour. A large quantity of secure shredding requires a heavy-duty confidential document shredder whose capacity is at least 1 ton/hr. Its operation must be reliable, stable and continuous.

The way of feeding is bulk load instead of manual piece by piece. It is advised to implement a forklift and crane and to load the documents onto the conveyor. Next, the paper documents are delivered to the industrial Paper Shredder machine.

What is Heavy-duty  Shredder for Confidential Documents

We usually recommend using a one-shaft shredder, two-shaft shredder and two-rotor shredder, but what is the difference?

One Shaft Shredder: 500kg/hr+, produces 4o by 40mm shredded paper. Best for factory use and bulk data destruction.

Two Shaft Shredder: 500kg/hr+, produces 40mm stripes. Best for factory use and bulk data destruction.

Two Rotor shredder: 1000kg/hr+, produces 4o by 40mm shredded paper. Best for shredding service provider and commercial shredding with high output.

Industrial paper shredders

During paper shredding, the shredding chamber of confidential document shredder generates excessive dust. If not handled properly, it may cause an explosion. To cope with work safety, we installed a nitrogen fire extinguisher system and pulse dust collector.

Confidential Document Shredders industrial paper shredding machine

The drawback of the industrial paper shredding machine is output size. As stated in DIN 66399, there are 7 levels of shredder particle size. From Level P-1 to P-7, a higher number represents a smaller size, or in other words a lower chance of reconstruction and data leak. This industrial paper shredder machine can achieve 20 by 20mm shredded paper.

High-Capacity Industrial Paper Shredding Video

This massive industrial paper machine is for high-capacity confidential document shredding and secure shredding. Different from an office paper shredder, it produces a way bigger output at 2 ton/hr and produces shredded paper at 40mm*40mm.

Wiscon Envirotech is an industrial paper shredder company, offering all kinds of solid waste recycling machines, such as industrial shredder, one shaft shredder, WEEE crusher and plastic granulator.

If you are interested in opening a shredding service that provides confidential document destruction and paper waste recycling, we are an industrial paper shredder company you can trust.

The Importance of Confidential Destruction for a Business




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