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News Industrial Herb Shredder

Industrial Herb Shredder

October 16, 2023     News

Wiscon provides a comprehensive range of herb shredder suitable for breaking down all pharmarceutical waste, wood waste, food waste, agricultural waste, forestry waste, green waste and garden waste. To name a few, sugarcanes, coconuts, corns, stalks, leaves, roots, skins, slats, bagasse, beams, logs, blocks or branches and trunks.

Organic waste shredder

Herb shredder

The Wiscon double shaft shredder is easiest to maintain and operate. Famous for their build quality, double shaft shredders are highly cost-effective, robust, adaptable and highly efficient at producing a high quality chip. We manufacture all our chippers in China from the highest quality raw materials and components to provide a wide range of both hand and crane feed options.

All herb shredders are equipped with motors and gear reducers. They are strong enough for shredding available in different materials to produce high quality, uniform chips in the sizes you require. The blade thickness decides the output size and the number of tooth deceides the segment length.

Shredder chamber

Biomass Shredder Rotary Blade and Space

The herb shredder is composed by a two-shafts shredder with rotary blades and spacers.
Once the organic material is into the hopper, the blades catches the material and begins to cut it.
Thanks to the high cutting torque and the different arrangement of the rotary blades, it is possible to shred a variety of material into particles.
The process is automatically regulated by a PLC that can be programmed through the display placed on the control board. Even in case of overloading, the program will automatically unjam the chamber.



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