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News IBC Disposal Machine

IBC Disposal Machine

June 3, 2022     News

IBC disposal machine is suitable for in-housing recycling and solid waste recycling.

IBCs (intermediate bulk containers) are a cubic container with a super large volume, with features of easily containing, storing and transporting fluid in mass. As the barrel is made of HDPE pellet, a chemically stable polymer, many IBCs are used for containing chemicals.

What are common types of IBC containers?

  • Composite IBC: plastic container + grid cage + pallet
  • Plastic IBC (plastic tote): plastic container without a frame
  • Metal IBC: made of stainless steel.
  • Big bag or bulk bag.
IBC Disposal Machine

IBC Disposal Machine

IBC Recycling Plant

Every year millions of IBCs go to landfills and incineration after single use, although some clients prefer reconditioned and washed IBCs. An IBC reaches its service life after 4-8 times of use. For recycling end-of-life IBCs, shredding is the primary step. Regardless of what IBCs originally contain, an industrial shredder receives IBCs and size reduces to 40mm stripes.

Shredding saves labour and time. More importantly, it eliminates the risk of liquid spillage and manual cutting of the container. Once an IBC falls in the shredding chamber, the tooth of blades catch the container and shear it into stripes within 10 seconds.

IBC Disposal Machine

IBC Disposal System

IBC shredding

A twin-shaft shredder or quad-shaft shredder is a sugguested shredding equipment.

The overall shredding solution is compact. Stack struction allows to minize foorprint and prevent regrinds from flying out. Plus, the regrinds can hook up to a washing line to further wash and clean the dirt and chemicals. All containers shall be clean and free of residue prior to disposal/recycling. A cleaner container would have a better result.

55 gallon (200 Litre) plastic drums are turned into HDPE plastic pellets via the system. Regardless of reconditioned, disposed, refurbished or rinsed, this recycling plant can take in all sizes of blue drums/barrles.

It is easier than you think to start a recycling business!

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