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News How to Separate Different Metals Using Metal Separator

How to Separate Different Metals Using Metal Separator

November 9, 2020     News

Sustainability is one of the most discussed topics in the corporate arena right now. Metal can be recycled and reused many times, yet the recycling business needs more companies to separate different metals and reuse them. To take one tiny step forward towards keeping nature clean, you must incorporate metal recycling machinery, whether it’s your household or your business.

Metal separator and eddy current separator are 2 waste sorting machines. In the former, metal like irons are removed, leaving non-ferrous metals. In the second latter machine, non-ferrous metals like aluminum and copper are passed on the rotor which consists of magnetic field that generates eddy current reaction to the aluminum and copper. The eddy current separator removes aluminum and copper based on the electromagnetic force created.

Combining these two machines, we are able to separate aluminum cans, copper wires, PCBs, and appliances from the other materials in the stream of waste materials. How to Separate Different Metals Using Metal Separator? This is the most inexpensive way of retaining valuable metals from the waste stream like plastic and rubber.

Features of Metal Recycling Equipment

•    Separates non-ferrous from other ferrous metals automatically.
•    Heavy-duty frame and a rare earth magnetic drum.
•    Variable speed conveyor for easy stream material control.
•    Easily integrated into the existing system.

Other points to think about:

  1. Temperature: Permanent magnetic materials lose strength when exposed to elevated temperatures.
  2. Flow rate: Magnetic separators perform best when the contamination is presented to the surface of the separator.
  3. Flow characteristics: Many products exhibit different flow characteristics when damp or moist.
  4. Process issues: How will the material be presented to the separator? Is the material metered or do you need to handle surge flow?

How to Separate Different Metals Using Metal Separator

Now, with the advanced technology introduced with the machines, manufacturers develop improved metal recycling machines with greater power and capacity. As a result, a modern metal recycling system can reclaim lots of resources. Metal recycling itself can become a lucrative business for anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur. With the purchase of a good machine, one can involve in metal recycling.



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