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News How to Recycle Bulky Waste

How to Recycle Bulky Waste

October 5, 2020     News

The process of housing renovation, relocation and renewal of used furniture has produced a large number of bulky wastes. The number of abandoned waste in public areas is also increasing. How to dispose of the old bulky furniture has become a problem. Due to the large size of bulky waste, difficulties in dismantling and regulatory restrictions, it is impossible to recycle effectively.

According to the Chinese Technical Requirements for the Collection and Utilization of Bulky Waste, bulky waste is defined as waste weighing more than 5 kilograms or having a volume of more than 0.2 cubic meters or a length of more than one meter, which needs to be dismantled and reused or disposed of in its entirety, including old furniture, old couches, mattresses, tables and chairs, tree branches, and decoration waste.

How do you dispose of bulky waste?

Wiscon recommends a size-reduction recycling system for bulky wastes.

How is the bulky waste treated after recycling? According to Wiscon tech team, big piece of garbage disposal is mainly through shredding. Then the recyclable part for reuse, non-recyclable goes to another processing. Take a mattress for example, the springs are valuable, the other parts can be incinerated to generate electricity.

The equipment for handling bulky waste includes a heavy-duty shredder, chain conveyor, bulky waste separator, belt conveyor, de-dust system, and intelligent control system. Firstly, the workers will process the bulky waste by removing the iron pieces and other parts from the waste, then the bulky waste is sent in batches to the conveyor belt and enters the high-powered crusher. The large waste is then transported in batches on a conveyor belt to a high-powered crusher, where it is quickly cut into pieces less than 10 cm long by the churning of the blades.

After the cutting is complete, the pieces are also transferred to a magnetic separator, where they are automatically sorted out and recycled under the magnetic force of nails, wire, sheet metal and other iron pieces. The rest of the pieces are sent to a garbage truck hopper to an incineration plant, where they are used as fuel. The editor calculated that it takes only about 40 seconds to process a large piece of garbage.

Bulky waste shredding system

The process of crushing and dismantling of bulky waste by Wiscon is turning bulky waste from whole to zero, turning waste into treasure, realizing the recovery of recyclable objects and materials in bulky waste. After the garbage trucks bring this high volume and heavy garbage to the plant, they need to be loaded into the bulky waste disposal production line with a forklift or crane, and then transported through the conveyor to the two shaft shredder.

How to Recycle Bulky Waste

recycling shredding machine

How is the bulky waste disposed of?

Manufacturer’s recommended disposal solution for bulky waste disposal equipment

At the bulky waste resource disposal center, the bulky waste disposal production line mainly includes a dual-axis shear crusher, chain conveyors, dust removal system, magnetic separator and intelligent monitoring system. Large waste such as mattresses and scrap furniture are placed in batches on the chain conveyors and enter the biaxial shear crusher first. The double shaft shear crusher applies the principle of mutual shearing and tearing between two relative rotating knives to stop crushing the material, and the large garbage is quickly cut into small pieces.

According to customer’s requirement, Wiscon can custom design a complete set of large waste crushing system, including a large waste crusher, conveyor belt and automatic material sorting and dust removal equipment system.

The materials include sofas, mattresses, tables and chairs, etc. The crushing capacity is 4-8t/h per hour and the crushed size is 200-300mm.

At present, Wiscon Envirteoch continues to utilize the advantages of intelligent technology, enrich the product series, greatly optimize product performance. We bring more superior solid waste disposal solutions to customers around the world.



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