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News How to Do Granulator Maintenance for Beginner

How to Do Granulator Maintenance for Beginner

September 11, 2020     News

Granulators are used for fine shredder a.k.a secondary shredding. It is important to size reduce materials to a smaller size like 5-20mm. Maintenance Today, Wiscon will briefly describe how to maintain a granulator for beginners and how to service a granulator.

Granulator Maintenance


Granulator should be installed in a well-ventilated position to ensure that the heat dissipation of motor and gear reducer.


Regularly fill bearings with lubricant to ensure the lubricity between bearings. Once the transmission oil is not clear or use over 3 months, we suggest changing oil.

Drive Belts

Regularly check whether the belt of the shredder is slack and tighten it in time. Tighten them in the first 24 hours of use.


Check the fastening screws of blades regularly. after 1 hour of using the new granulator, tighten the screws of the rotary knife and fixed knife to retain the blade and the knife frame.
In order to ensure that the sharpness of the blade, should always inspect sharpness. A blunt blade causes lots of powder and decreases performance and wastes power.
When replacing the tool, the gap between rotary knife and counter knife is 0.5-1.5mm. Always use a filler gauge to test.

The thinner the recycled material like plastic film, the smaller the gap can be appropriately adjusted. This section is the most essential part of how to maintain a granulator.

how to maintain a granulator - Plastic Granulator

how to maintain a granulator


The machine should be well-grounded.

Make sure all cables and connectors are tightly connected.

Make sure all safety switches and emergency stops are in order.


Before starting, the residue in the crushing chamber should be removed to reduce the starting resistance. The inertia cover and belt pulley cover should be opened regularly to clear the ash outlet under the flange, as the powder discharged from the shredder chamber enters the shaft bearing.


Wiscon, as a granulator manufacturer, constantly reminds of our clients to do regular maintenance and repair to all recycling machines. In return, preventative maintenance increases the service life of machinery and maintains the productivity of your machines. Wiscon hopes our readers understood How to Do Granulator Maintenance for Beginner, if not, you are more than welcome to inquire about us! We can provide service and consultancy.



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