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Home Shredder and Garden Shredder

April 9, 2021     News

Every household collects old tax documents, receipts, cards, bills, and other miscellaneous files over time that contain personal information. Shredding these data-sensitive documents is a way to protect your information.

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Single Shaft Shredder

For a family that owns a garden, organic waste that contains leaves, bushes, branches, trimmings coming from the garden is a hassle. Before disposing into your green bins, shredding the green waste into smaller particles provides more convenience.

If you have encountered the above problems, a versatile home shredder with low power and high torque is the best fit. Watch the video below to find out more about how you can shred your residential files and garden green waste.

Benefits of Home Shredder

Wiscon garden shredder can shred, mulch and mix biodegradable products ranging from grass clippings, roots and soil to ten-inch diameter tree debris, pallets, waste paper, etc.

The volume of material is greatly reduced. The resulting materials can be recharged and mixed with other products before being applied to the soil. It has a capacity of 100 to 500 kilograms per hour for branches and paper documents.

These machines have been manufactured for over 32 years and can be designed to individual requirements. A wide range of options is available for traditional and in-vessel composting.

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