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News Helmet Granulator & Helmet Shredder

Helmet Granulator & Helmet Shredder

May 12, 2022     News

Wiscontech helmet shredder and helt granulator provide a recycling solution for scrap helmet. Helmets are made of 3 basic materials: plastic (ABS), fiberglass and foam (EPS). A heltmet is not easy to recycle and disintegrate without humans’ intervention. Why?

  1. Helmets are hard because of 3 layers.
  2. Helmets are round and circular. Not easy to be captured.

A heavy duty Plastic Granulator is designed to recover large, thin-walled parts including housings, helmets, blown bottles, automotive body and bumper components. The reduced number of rotary blades helps direct and one-step crushing of helmets in all sizes and applications. The enlarged crushing chamber allows to process multiple helmets at a time.

The helmet granulator mills are designed to work with hard and heavy materials. They offer a variety of rotor designs with thicknesses ranging between 800mm and 1600mm, and with diameters of 600mm respectively.
Its reinforced metal structure is designed to withstand the most diverse and difficult uses. The blade bases and the rotor shaft of these machines are oversized. The standard “V” cut achieves high-quality, high-production shredding. The reinforced bearings are separated from the cutting chamber, thus preventing the material and the bearings from coming into contact with the liquid material, reducing the risk of contamination.
The easily accessible third fixed knife allows the machine to be easily adjusted for different uses according to customer needs. Another standard feature of this series is that they include reinforced plates in the cutting chamber and in the external bearings, which reduces the level of dust and contamination.

Helmet Granulator

Helmet recycling machine

Secondly, a helmet shredder is a primary shredder that is quiet and produces little dust. The material to be crushed is deposited in the oversized hopper by a conveyor, by hand, etc. The material is pressed by the hydraulic pusher slightly inclined towards the rotor. Thus the material is shredded between the rotary and fixed blades. The hydraulic pusher is controlled according to the rated load of the drive motor. The granulator screen mounted below the rotor defines the final size ranging from 40-60mm.
The unloading of the crushed material is carried out by a suction equipment, band belt or chain.

Helmet Granulator & Helmet Shredder

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