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News HDPE Recycling Machine

HDPE Recycling Machine

March 2, 2021     News

HDPE recycling machine is widely used to recover the waste PP, PE and HDPE. This HDPE recycling machine can crush washing and dry the dirty rigid plastic into clean plastic flakes. Additional functions such as squeeze drying and optical sorting are customizable. Please see video here.

After plastic bottle flakes are washed, you can turn them into granules with the next process, which called a plastic pelletizing machine. In some cases, the flakes can be directly utilized for injection molding and thermal forming.

The final PP/PE granules or flakes can reproduce plastic pipe, plastic sheet, plastic board, plastic canister, etc.

hdpe recycling machine

Applicable Waste

Plastic milk bottles, Laundry detergent bottles, Bleach bottles, Motor oil bottles, Shampoo bottles, Medicine bottles, Plastic bucket, etc.

Some other objects that often made of HDPE are Piping, Plastic lumber, Rope, Toys, Trash cans and Recycling bins.

Process Flow

Feeding ➜ Shredding ➜ Metal Detection and Removal ➜ Flotation Separation ➜ Crushing ➜ Drying ➜ Friction Washing ➜ Rinsing ➜ Friction Washing ➜ Rinsing ➜ Drying ➜ Zig-zag Separation ➜ Pneumatic Collection ➜ Optical Sorting (optional) ➜ Packing

Successful HDPE Recycling Solution

Rigid Plastic (HDPE) Recycling Line (Hot Wash)
Rigid Plastic Recycling Line is suitable for recycling daily-use rigid plastic (high recycling value such as HDPE mike container/ small HDPE blue container as well as 2.5L motor oil containers) This washing line can greatly increase the value of the final product and belongs to our high-end equipment series.
The capacity of HDPE recycling line: 600~5000 kg/h

Irregular Plastic Recycling Line(Cold Wash)
Mainly used to recycle rigid plastic products used in daily life (e.g. PE, PP hollow consumer goods, pipe, bucket, home appliance housing).
The capacity of Irregular Plastic Recycling Line: 600-5000 kg/h.

Plastic Recycling Solution

Wiscon Envirotech provides a complete HDPE Recycling solution, including design, installation, training and unmatched lifetime service and support. Our engineers learn your business, analyze your needs and recommend equipment and systems optimized for your facility and business goals.



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