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News HDPE Pipe Shredder

HDPE Pipe Shredder

October 9, 2021     News

HDPE Pipe Shredder is the perfect solution for recycling giant pipes. It achieves an unprecedented move–downsizing the big plastic pipe in one step. Wiscon offers 4 ways to downsize plastic pipe:

  1. By granulator. For small and short pipe.
  2. By specialized pipe shredder. For large and short pipe.
  3. By manual cutting and shredder. For small and long pipe.
  4. By horizontal pipe shredder. For large and long pipe.
HDPE Pipe Shredder

HDPE Pipe Shredder with Granulator

Large pipes with diameter up to 1500 mm and length up to 8000mm are well covered by this HDPE pipe shredder (horizontal shredder machine). A pipe is first placed on the lift seat. The lifter raises the pipe and toss it into the chamber by the help of gravity. Once the pipe is in position, the pusher is actuated to feed the pipe toward the rotor.

The rotor is made of hardened steel. On the surface of rotor, there are multiple blades that are the key to shear down the pipe. The arrangement of rotary knives constantly shred the pipe piece by piece. Thanks to the pusher, it creates a close contact between rotor and pipe.

Shredder Rotor

The particles coming out of HDPE Pipe Shredder is 40mm by 40mm. It is optional to add a conveyor and granulator. With these 2 machines, the large shredded particles can be downsized to 12mm regrind, which is good enough for reuse.

pipe regrind

Shredded pipe at 40mm by 40mm

HDPE Pipe Shredder Application

  • Coils
  • HDPE pipes
  • PE-HD pipes
  • PVC pipes
  • Oversize pipes (diameter from 1 to 1.5m)
  • Long pipes (from 1 to 6m)
  • Fittings and profiles

 Video Gallery of Pipe Shredding

HDPE Pipe Shredder

There are 3 rotors inside the machine, can be manually turnt on or off based on the pipe size.

Side-feed Pipe Granulator

Easy as it looks. Feed the pipes to this delicate machine, done.

Corrugated Pipe Shredder

Showcasing single shaft shredder P3150.

PP Pipe Shredder/PE Pipe Shredder

It is a variant of our currently available shredder P380, except the infeed hopper is mobile as the pusher.

PVC Profile Shredder

It is 15mm-thick profile shredded by P380, one shaft shredder.

Pipe Shredder at a Glance



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