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News HDPE Drum Recycling

HDPE Drum Recycling

September 26, 2021     News

Wiscon Envirotech developed a HDPE Drum Recycling and cleaning system for plastic pails, drums, barrels, kegs and IBCs. The recycling consists of HDPE drum shredder, crushing, cleaning, dewatering and collection. The poly drum produces regrind that is reusable to make new products used in construction.

HDPE Drum Recycling

HDPE Drum Recycling

Blue barrel, a common chemical storage container in the industry, even after high-pressure cleaning, cannot be put back into use. After cleaning ply drums generally contain residual chemical solution, mud, sand, sewage and other residual substances. Besides, there are lables and stickers on the surface of the chemical drums. These are the unwanted that we need get rid of in the process of recycling to get fine regrinds.

HDPE Drum Recycling Video

Poly Drum Recycling

Poly Drum Recycling

First of all, the waste plastic drums and end-of-life barrels for primary processing, with double shaft shredder to make them shredded into strips, reduce the volume of materials; and then use plastic drum crusher for secondary crushing to obtain granules; then they go into the sink-float tank for cleaning, and then into the vertical dewatering machine for dewatering and materials can reach less than 1% of moisture rate, after the collection of HDPE regrind material can be directly recycled.

plastic drum shredder

Plastic Drum Crusher

Advantages of HDPE Washing Line

HDPE Drum crushing and cleaning line uses twin shaft shredder whose speed is slow and low noise. Thanks to slow knife shredding, shredding process does not generate heat, and does not change the nature of crushed materials by melting plastic materials. In the case of not degrading the original nature of the material will be head material or plastic scrap shredding.

Is a solid waste reduction machinery environmental protection shredder equipment, facilitate plastic recycling. Wiscon’s blue barrel crushing and cleaning system makes the blue barrel through strong crushing, cleaning treatment into treasure, so that the big blue barrel into clean recyclable materials, this HDPE washing line complies with the national environmental protection policy.

HDPE regrinds

Regrinds from Plastic Drums



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