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News Hazardous Waste Equipment

Hazardous Waste Equipment

March 24, 2022     News

Hazardous Waste Equipment developed by Wicon Envirotech can neutralize the contaminant while reclaim recylable materials. It can meet the environmental requirements of waste plastic recycling treatment at home and abroad. Typical applicable waste includes chemical drums, IBCs (intermediate bulk container), jerrycans.

The Hazardous Waste Equipment integrates the functions of shredding, crushing, separating, drying and cleaning, etc. The finished products like plastic flakes can be recycled and pelletized. The chemical inside the drums are fully washed and filtered.

The Key of Hazardous Waste Equipment

Because IBCs are large and round shape too, the first step is to downsize them. The efficiency of crushing by twin shaft crusher is low and not easy to discharging. The program will first press the chemical barrel into the four shaft shredder for preliminary coarse crushing treatment, producing 40mm flakes. The interactions among 4 rotors can rapidly shred an IBC in 5 seconds.

After shredding, the plastic flakes go to a plastic crusher for fine crushing, crushing to 16mm.

Hazardous Waste Machine

Industrial Waste Recycling

Crushing by adding a certain amount of water rinsing assistance can efffectively remove dirst. Next, a friction washer machine can high-speed decontaminates. By adding the appropriate amount of caustic soda water for cleaning assistance, it can effectively remove stubborn residues and impurities. If there is excessive residual solution, an extra step of rinse is needed. A sink-float tank comes in handy, and it is for rinsing the plastic flakes. After rinsing, the plastic sheet drums are sent to the high-speed centrifugal dryer for dewatering to less than 1% moisture content.

Hazardous Waste Equipment

Hazardous Waste Disposal Machine

Sometimes the size of the plant also limits the process nad capacity of hazardous recycling plant. Some auxiliary equipment can be configured according to the actual situation: feeding conveyor, discharging conveyor, iron remover, trolley, pressing device, hydraulic drive, baling system, and dust collection system.

IBC recycling line and plastic drum disposal line are a kind of crushing equipment specially developed for plastic recycling industry, which is used to shred various soft and hard plastic products to facilitate plastic recycling treatment. For example: mineral water bottles, motor oil bottles, gasoline bottles, plastic drums, etc.



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