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News Green Waste Shredder

Green Waste Shredder

September 1, 2023     News

Do you want to downsize a green waste and speed up decomposition? A Green Waste Shredder is an industrial shredder machine that chop green waste such as yard trimmings, branches, logs, leaves, grass, and other organic garden or landscaping waste. After chopping, the resultant products are uniform in size at 50mm by 50mm.

There is no size requirement on the materials. Branches that exceed the recommended branch diameter of 55mm are acceptable.

Green waste shredder

Green Waste Shredder Features

These green waste shredders are commonly used by waste management facilities and composting facilities to process organic waste efficiently. We don’t make for household use as the machine capacity is greater than 1ton/h. Here are some key features and benefits of green waste shredders:

  1. Reduction in Volume: It breaks down large and bulky organic materials into smaller, more manageable pieces. This reduction in volume makes it easier to handle, transport, and dispose of the waste. Thus, decrease your disposal fee and transportation fee.
  2. Speed Up Decomposition: Shredding green waste increases its surface area, allowing for faster decomposition. This is particularly useful when the shredded material is destined for composting or mulching. This feature is essential to fertilizer manufacturer.

Here is a working video of the biomass waste shredder:

Single Shaft Shredders are not only cost-effective and easy to maintain but also ensure safe and straightforward operation. These shredders come equipped with screened units, capable of precisely sizing materials down to 10mm. They offer a power range spanning from 15HP to 450HP, available in both electric and hydraulic motor configurations.

Within the shredder series, every model provides the flexibility of selecting from three distinct cutter styles to tailor performance to your specific needs. Furthermore, there is a wide array of screen options, ranging from 3/8” to 1.5” openings. You’ll find multiple options for transporting discharged materials, including pneumatic, belt, or screw conveyors. For full system automation, consider the optional PLC controls.

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