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Glass Shredder

September 21, 2021     News

A glass shredder poses an essential role on glass recycling. Just like metals, glass can be recycled many times without losing its purity or strength. If we start recycling glasses by deploying a social project, it would save our scarce resources.

Glass is made of sands, and processed and shaped into containers and articrafts. After the containers are no longer in use, for example, wine bottles, glass cups and windows, they can be collected.

Separation glasses based on colours is the second step. Usually we classify the glasses into colour and transparent, because the coloured ones cannot be transperent again.

Glass Crushing

Next, comes to our focus glass crushing. Glass crushing is conducted by an industrial shredder. It can be big or small, relying on the scale and where the glass shredder is used.

A glass shredder (glass crusher) can run in a bar, hospital, restauratn, where glass crushing can take place just for size reducing a bulky glass container.

glass crusher

Glass Shredder Applications

Of course, a glass shredder can also run in a glass recycling plant. Glass crushing not only size reduces the container eases the later steps, but also refines the glass. How so? The glass bottles and containers often comes with lids, cork, stickers and caps. The shredding breaks the glass into pieces, and in the same time, releases non-glass materials.

The capacity of a glass shredder ranges 500kg/hr to 3000kg/hr with an output size from 40mm to 100mm.

The crushed glasses are called cullets, which are a ingredient for making new glass. The cullets are then sent to a furnance. The molted glass is poured into molds, shaping into new products.

Multipurpose machine suitable for shredding an enormous number of waste materials – even very large. It can be introduced into a line to operate in continuous working.

The single-shaft equipped shredder is particularly suitable to shred high-consisting glass. A hydraulic control unit allows driving the pusher drawer. Thus, the product to be grinded is pushed towards a tools-holder rotor causing its crushing. Thanks to a screen it is possible to select the final dimension of the shredder material.

Fun Fact about Recycled Glass

As the recycled glass do not lose its orginal property, most of the glasses are made into glass containers. Some other applications includes:

  • Fiberglass ingredients.
  • Ceramic tiles.
  • Ingredient in roadway reflective paint.
  • Abrasives for sand-blasting.
  • Friction in concrete.

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