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News Glass fiber shredder

Glass fiber shredder

November 2, 2022     News

Waste glass fiber items are bulky but is 100% recyclable by a proper treatment including fiberglass shredder and granulator.

Fiberglass consists of plastic resin and glass fiber. Despite of its high strength and stability, lots of old glass fiber components are discarded to the landfills. It is commen to find its composition in turbine, boat, thermal insulation and building materials. Here at Wiscontech, we can give scrap glass fiber a second life.

Fiber glass shredder

P380, single shaft shredder

Glass Fiber Recycling Machine

Downsizing fiberglass composites to a certian size can make itself a great resuable. For example, by a plastic shredder and granulator, the final output becomes ingredient of regrind in plastic processes. It can be used an additives in plastic molding. Glass fiber regrinds mixing with new glass fiber makes the molded products retain hardness and rigidity.

A glass fiber shredder alone can produce 40mm by 40mm particles, combined with granulator can produce less than 10mm particles and even powders.

The estimated capacity ranges from 300kg to 2000kg per hour to be determined by your scrap fiberglass items and size.

Fiber glass shredder

Fiber glass recycling

What is a fiberglass shredder?

Fiberglass shredder is a industrial shredder that break downs glass fiber waste.

It could be single-shaft or double-shaft shredder. Form our experience, if your fiberglass waste is composed of more than 70% of glass fiber, we shall go for a double-shaft shredder, because it would emit less dust and genearte less powder.

For most of the cases, a single-shaft shredder is a better choice, since it guarantees a high capacity and uniform output size. You can always find the most optimal fiberglass shredder according to your actual needs. A glass fiber shredder is widely used in fiberglass recycling. This shredder machine can make the fiberglass easily re-used in the following process.

Grinded Glass fiber by two shaft shredder

Processed Glass fiber

Glass Fiber Shredder Demo Video

As shown in the video, the double-deck design saves footprint and reduce dust emission. The recycling process generates a lot of dust, we recommend to implement pulsedust collector to protect the health of the staff and keep your workshop clean at the same time. As explained before, a double-shaft shreddder can significantly reduce the powder genreated during shredding.



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