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News Geotextile Shredder and Recycling

Geotextile Shredder and Recycling

November 15, 2022     News

Geotextiles are soft fabrics made of plastic resins, so they can be downsized by a geotextile shredder. Categorized into 3 types, there are woven, non-woven (yarn), and knitted geotextiles (weave). Geoxtiles are prevalent in the uses of protection, sealing, reinforcement, filtration, and separation.

Regardless of its form, our shredder can shred plastic fabrics into pieces. Regardless of its original use, our simple washing system can remove dirt. Wiscontech geotextile recycling machine can help you recycle all the types of geotextiles, reclaiming your valuable materials.

Geotextile shredder

Geotextile recycling machine

Geotextile Shredder Features

As we know, geotextiles are a soft plastic sheet. Just like plastic films, it is not easy to downsize to a desired size. Therefore, Wiscon developed 2 features for handling geotextiles.

Geotextiles are easy to wrap the rotor during shredding. To solve this problem, a special rotor that can elimiate the chance of entanglement is invented. The tight arrangment and an increased number of rotary blades are the key, because geotextiles can no longer wrap the rotor.

Ampere control – automatically controls the material flow to Geotextile recycling machine and geotextile granulator, based on its workload (ampere monitoring). Limit the risks of clogging and overloading. Safety systems prevent a worker from reaching into machine if hopper is raised or screen cradle is exposed.

Some other measures are also found effective: augmented motor power, special screen opening, slow rotary speed to incline torque.

Feel free to ask for our references on textile recycling machine. Uncompromised quality. 100% designed and machined by us, from material laser cutting to final assembly. Machines are tested with geotextiles for 12 hours to show stability.

We concern your performance and electricity bill. 1. Utilize Grade 2 energy-efficient motors. the more you use, the more power you save. 2. Gear reducer is the top brand in China. High safety factor and robust design. 3. Adopts European electrical components (e.g. Siemens PLC, Schneider contactor and relays and German safety switches).



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