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News Furniture Shredder Machine

Furniture Shredder Machine

May 15, 2021     News

Furniture Shredder Machine(furniture crusher) is the primary recycling equipment in handling bulky waste. Furniture like mattress, sofa, cupboard, wardrobe, toilet has always been extremely difficult items to recycle because of their composition and volume. If left untreated, landfilled furniture is nearly impossible to compact. Whether it’s simple volume reduction for transportation or raw material extraction, operators need a robust and efficient mattress shredding solution.

The furniture shredder machine is a two-shaft design that provides exceptional intake behavior that effectively draws waste. With a slow-speed and high-torque rotor, a mattress can be easily broken down into pieces, without jamming. The vertical pusher assists to force-feed the oversize waste to the rotor, further enhancing the throughput of the machine. The mattress shredder excels in tackling oversize and hollow objects.

Furniture shredder machine mattress shredder

A mattress contains metal, foam, and textile, which makes the mattress the most difficult waste among all furniture. Hereafter, we will focus on mattress recycling.

Types of Mattress

  • King size: 193cm X 203.5cm
  • Queen size: 152.5cm X 203.5cm
  • Kid size: 100.5cm X 150cm
  • Cradle and crib

Furniture Shredder Video

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What can you do after mattress shredding?

Furniture like wardrobes, mattresses and cupboards without processing by furniture shredder machines are too heavy and big to transport.

After a proper shredding, the resulting particles shall be 60mm*60mm, which is small enough for easy transportation and concert to other applications, for example:

  • Steel springs can be separated by metal separation and reused as valuable scrap metal.
  • Foam can be used as energy or, after refining, as carpet underlay or padding.
  • Textiles and fibers can be reused as materials for fillings or RDF.
  • Foams and sponges can used as cushions or insulations.
  • Wood scrapes are also a good source of RDF.

mattress shredding

Wiscon offers mattress shredder(furniture crusher) for sale, please see more examples here about bulky waste handling.  We tailor and design your oversize waste and bulky waste project with the best cost-effective solution.

furniture shredding

shredding chamber



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