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News Four-shaft Shredder Machine

Four-shaft Shredder Machine

January 27, 2022     News

Four-shaft shredder machine is a multi-functional and versatile machine, suitable for shredding plastic barrels, plastic bottles, metal barrels, circuit boards, domestic waste, medical waste, hazardous waste, electronic waste, etc.

4-shaft shredder adopts European-style planetary gear reducer with gear drive and differential speed operation. Standard modular design allows have good interoperability. Four-shaft shredder machine can be designed according to the user’s requirements and the materials to be processed to maximize the user’s benefit. The output size can be controlled, usually between 20mm and 40mm. The electrical part is controlled by Siemens PLC, with automatic detection of overload protection function.

Video of Four-shaft Shredder

The Four-shaft shredder machine is a multi-functional and universal machine with standard modular design and good interchangeability of parts. The auxiliary knife is made of die-forged parts and the main knife is made of special alloy steel by special technology, which has good wear resistance and high strength. The screen is convenient and simple to disassemble.

4 shaft shredder machine

Four-shaft shredder Machine Features

  1. Low speed, large torque, low noise;
  2. Large processing capacity, controllable discharge size and uniform discharge, high efficiency.
  3. Auxiliary knife with forced feeding function, without additional configuration of pressure equipment.
  4. Patented screen maintenance structure, easy maintenance.
  5. Modular design, easy maintenance and parts replacement.
  6. The blades is made of alloy steel and heat-treated, with long life and good wear resistance.
  7. Motor and crushing spindle are directly connected, high efficiency and less failure.
  8. High power crushing spindle is driven by high torque reducer, more stable operation.
  9. Multiple sealing system, which can better protect the bearings.
  10. Multilateral shafts to ensure maximum locking of tools and spacers in operation.
  11. Multiple safety protection functions to prevent overload and protect the equipment.
  12. Intelligent frequency conversion drive technology monitors the tool axis and torque in real time, and automatically increases or decreases the speed of the rotors, in order to achieve the best processing effect. (Optional)

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