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News Food Waste Shredder

Food Waste Shredder

August 30, 2021     News

A food waste shredder can downsize organic waste to a desired size. The machine can implement in food waste recycling plant. Unlike the food composter used in a kitchen or restautant, a food shredding machine is much bigger and can process more food scrap. It is estimated that around 30% of the food is wasted worldwide. Food and other organic waste disposed of in landfills produces methane, a greenhouse gas, as it decomposes. A food waste grinder chosen right is beneficial to speed up decomposition, enhance biogas quality and decrease transporation costs.

Food Waste Shredder

Single or Double Shaft Shredder?

Single shaft shredder can be food waste grinder due to its screen and high torque shearing. With a constant push by a ram, organic waste is automacially fed to the rotor. Uniform output particles are obtained, which is perfect for composting or biogas.

Double shaft shredder can be food waste grinder too. If you do not have a hard requirement on size, then a two shaft shredder is a beter in terms of cross-cut.

Applications of Food Shredding Machine

The food waste shredder can process various kinds of organic waste, such as,

  • Food scrap from household or restaurant
  • Left-over from kitchen
  • Expired food
  • Bone and animal bodies

Food manufacturer and processor as well as owner of farm or ranch or orchard that produces food waste can have waste shredders. This helps downsize the food scrap.

Another application is early waste treatment prior to biogas and waste-to-energy plants.

Kitchen waste shredder

Shredding Expired Food

Food Waste Shredder: How it Works

Wiscon kitchen waste shredder is fully customizable with fully sealed shredding chamber and high torque rotor. The confined chamber ensures no odour releases from the machine. The high troque rotor enables high efficiency and fast size reduction of food wate. Even the food is wrap in cling film or packaging, all can be shredded easily.

The final size is around 40mm, suitable for biogas or power plant (direct incineration).



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