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News Flooring Recycling Machine

Flooring Recycling Machine

July 26, 2022     News

Flooring recycling machine provides a facility to recycle all kinds of floorings and tiles. It consists of a industrial flooring shredder and plastic flooring granulator. The flooring shredder can process floorings made of wood, plastic and even composite. In this article, wood plastic composite (WPC) vinly, stone plastic composite (SPC) and plastic tiles are our focus.

Flooring Shredder

Flooring Recycling Machine

The shredder can chip a flooring into pieces. However, it cannot fully disintegrate wear layer, luxury vinyl print, interlock water proof core and underlayment. Therfore, it is suggested to separately recycle each materials.

Producing from 500kg/hr to 5000kg/hr, the flooring shredder generates uniform chip size from 40mm to 100mm. The infeeding way includes forklift or conveyor. The final materials can be transported by conveyor.

How Flooring Shredder and Granulator Work?

The first step is to dump all the waste flooring and tiles into the chamber of a flooring shredder. The rest is left to the shredding system to process. The finer particles are produced by a flooring granulator whose output size is around 8-10mm. The whole system is automatic with ampere control, which take care of your hassle on production management.

Flooring Recycling Machine Features

Wiscon shredder and granulator includes stable energy current system that helps you save energy. With a special design on the rotary cutting angle, WPC vinly and SPC floorings are granulated within seconds. Oversize bearings are installed outside of the machine body that enables you to give easy maintenance and wet granulation. Plus, the bearings will not be influenced by the temperature of the body, which will increase durability.

Flooring Recycling Machine’s Hopper is able to take in big floorings and tiles in bales, thanks to the enlarged  rotating diameter that has been considerably increased. Also, it works on plastic bottles, plastic tanks, Drums, appliances covers, etc.

Flooring Shredder and Floor granulator can process flooring made of

  • Rubber
  • Carpet (textile and fabric)
  • Hardwood
  • Bamboo
  • Laminates
  • Plastics (Vinly, PVC and ABS)
  • Eproxy
Scrap Flooring Shredder

Scrap tile recycling machine



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