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Fishing Net Shredder

July 1, 2021     News

Fishing net shredder(fishing net crusher) is recycling equipment for fishery plastic waste such as old/abandoned fishing nets(ghost fishing). Nets are made from nylon or PP fibers woven in a grid-like structure. They are widely used in the fishing industry to harvest fish.

Nonetheless, the discarded nets are deadly to marine animals, because they can entangle and suffocate species in the ocean. Over the past years, fishing nets are seen as another plastic pollution in the ocean, after plastic bottles and plastic films.

An industrial fish net shredder can process all ranges of the fishing net including cast net, bottom trawl, dragnet, drift net, drive-in net, fyke net, gill net, haaf net, hand net, landing net, seine net, surrounding net, lift net, tangle net, and lave net.

The benefit of utilizing a fishing net nylon shredder is to size reduce tons of waste nets.

  • By turning them into smaller pieces (20-100mm), it is easier for transportation.
  • High output from 600kg/hr to 5000kg/hr.
  • You can immediately use shredded fishing net particles as regrind.
  • Reduce marine pollution and reuse plastic waste like scrap fishing nets.
fishing net shredder machine

Nylon Net Shredder & Fishing Net Recycling System

Fishing Net Shredder and Nylon Crusher Video

As shown in the video, this one shaft shredder effectively tears down the bales of the fishing net within seconds. The resulting materials are 40mm fluffy and can be directly crushed by a granulator(fishing net crusher) to produce 12mm nylon or PP regrinds. The whole process is automatic and does not require manual work, except materials infeeding.

During the process, we install an air ventilation and dust collection system to remove excessive dust in the air. The dust stems from the shearing between the rotor of one shaft shredder and fishing nets.

fishing net crusher

Nylon Granulator

Wiscon offers a complete recycling solution. If your fishing nets are highly contaminated, a scrap plastic recycling system can intensively clean the nets and remove metal parts before fishing nets shredding. The final particles coming out of the fishing net recycling machines are clean and free of dirt.

What is ocean plastic pollution?



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