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Film Shredder

February 8, 2022     News

The Wiscon Film Shredder is one of the most popular models among film recycling and plastic film manufacturers. Thanks to its offset rotor bearing, proven and reliable gear damping and special cutting tools, this plastic shredder is very low maintenance and has a long service life. It frees up time for what is really important in your company! The film Shredder can be optimally adjusted to your needs and is best suited for companies that have a bundle and bales of plastic film waste.

Energy efficiency is an important characteristic of the single shaft shredder P series. The proven cutting system ensures the efficient and reliable shredding of your waste film The P260 is available with a starting drive capacity of 18.5kW. When it idles for more than 3 minutes, the machine shuts down automatically. This saves energy and simultaneously reduces operating costs. Use P series to produce high-quality plastic regrind for briquetting or thermal utilisation in plastic recyclig. Film grinder Machines can be customized to your needs.

Film Shredder

The shredder and conveyor belt system should include a conveyor belt, hopper and collection points that should be should 10’ high x 6’ wide x 18’ long and should meet each of the following performance specifications:

Industrial Shredder:

  • Should be top Loading Hopper with collection point
  • Should be of metal construction and larger than the cutting chamber to accommodate stock being shredded.
  • Should have an overhead mirror to allow the operator to monitor the shredding process from the conveyor belt loading
  • Shredder discharge should accommodate a bin or pallet container with the minimum dimensions 48” wide x 18” thick x 5’
  • Film Shredder cutting chamber should handle products 48” wide x 18” thick x 5’
  • Cutting chamber should have steel bulkhead walls with self-cleaning
  • Maximum dimensions of shredded products is 1 ½ “x 1 ½.
  • Shredder should have a self-cleaning cutter and all applicable safety systems as per Canadian standards
  • Shredder should process a wide range of products, including but not limited to:
  • Plastics, including but not limited to: plastic head pieces from ground troop helmets;
  • Textiles, including but not limited to: Cadpat shirts and pants, rain pants and jackets, helmet covers, and gloves;
  • Wood, including but not limited to broken pallets;
  • Hard drives, including but not limited to: 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch;
  • Metals, including but not limited to: steel toe boots and old frames of

sheet shredder

Conveyor belt system:

  • Should have variable speed controls and safety shut offs including emergency shut
  • Should have a manual shut off on main control panel near belt loading for
  • Belt should be between 3’ and 5’
  • Loading area of the belt should be no more than 3’ off the ground to allow ease of loading product for shredding.
  • Motor should have a 3 phase, minimum 60HP
  • Should accommodate a skip box 48” long x 40” wide x 40” high for collection of shredded

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Our wide range of Film grinder is available to be purchased and delivered throughout Asia and Europe, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.



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