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Fiberglass Shredder

June 25, 2021     News

A fiberglass Shredder is a machine used to cut objects made of fiberglass or fiberglass reinforced plastic into smaller pieces. Unlike plastic granulators, fiber glass shredders are designed specifically for recycling larger plastic waste, like fiberglass scrap, insulations, mannequins, pipes, carpets, fabrics, storage tanks, and house buildings. They are usually too big for a granulator to process.

Fiberglass Shredding Video

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Shredding by One Shaft Shredder

Fiberglass Textile Shredding by One Shaft Shredder

Fiberglass is a super-strong synthetic material with a high tensile strength starting from 55MPa. Throughput of fiber glass shredder ranges between 300kg/hr and 6000kg/hr, based on the configuration of the materials and machine model selection. The final output size is 40mm.

Two shaft shredder can be a perfect choice for shredding thin-walled fiberglass.

Shredder 3dFiberglass Shredder Fiberglass Shredder

Fiberglass exposure to humans will irritate the eyes, skin, and respiratory system. Wiscon is well aware of that and takes measures. During the operation of fibreglass shredder, there is much dust amid in the air as the fibreglass is broken down. To prevent possible explosion and air contamination, we run an air ventilation system to expel harmful fiberglass in the air.

View more shredding videos here.


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