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News Face Mask Recycling Machine

Face Mask Recycling Machine

November 30, 2022     News

Designed for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, any institution, Wiscontech provide efficient and cost-effective face mask recycling machine. The model CS and CL (face mask granulator) are specially made to downsize medical waste like face masks, gloves, and much more. Its capacity reaches 500kg/hr, and the bigger model can meet up to 2 ton/h.

Polypropylene is used for the three-ply face mask material; metal (often aluminum) is used for the nose bridge, and a mixture of nylon and spandex is used for the ear loops. To recycle face masks responsibly, all three types of materials need to be separated upon material collection. This applies to both defected/rejected masks and discarded masks. Used masks need to be sterilized before recycling.

The treatment of medical waste must include shredding. Medical waste typically contains both soft materials, such as cotton yarn and clothing, as well as hard materials, such as glass and a tiny quantity of metal. This face mask granulator only can hande soft materials and is made to adapt to the challenging working conditions of medical waste treatment and to minimize the amount and size of medical waste following sterilization.

Medical waste crusher

Face Mask Granulator

See How Face Mask Recycling Works

The masks demostated are fresh unused; otherwise, the way of infeed would be replaced by an enclosed conveyor.

The granulator, control cabinet, hopper, and optional infeed and extract conveyor make up a whole medical waste recycling system. The face mask is crushed into samll pieces around 10-15mm. The high-speed rotor inside the granulator is sharp, cutting masks small enough to exit from a screen.

Wiscon, over the past 33 years, made a number of design improvements to the machine to make it easier to maintain and more durable. A list of machine features includes:

  • The granulator acceps wet granulation.
  • The fully enclosed chamber.
  • Strictly output size control
  • Face Mask Recycling Machine is compact with a small footprint
  • Low power consumption
Face mask recycling

Face mask granulator CL5100

The shredded face masks are a mixture woven fabric and melt blown fabric. They can be re-thermal formed to make new products like fences and additives. There are unlimited business opportunities on recycling disposed face masks.

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