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News EPDM Shredder & Granulator

EPDM Shredder & Granulator

October 23, 2022     News

EPDM shredder and EPDM granulator are a recycling machine to recycle rubber waste. Basically, the machine can process all kinds of scrap rubber including resin, natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber and neoprene. EPDM rubber can be in the forms of lump, sheet, reject and roll created during thermoforming.

EPDM is known as ethylene propylene diene monomer, designed to meet multiple engineering applications. As a durable elastomer, it is resistant to weather, steam and heat. EPDM is often used as a seal, roof or insulator in small components and buildings. It is extremely challenging, and that’s why Wiscon refines our EPDM shredder and EPDM granulator.

EPDM Recycling Machine

EPDM Rubber shredder

EPDM Shredder Video

To downsize scrap EPDM rubber, a special plastic shredder is the primary step. A slow speed rotor welded with multiple blades can cut down a rubber as illustrated in the video. The horizontal ram maintains a close distance between rotor and EPDM blocks. Thus, it increases the capacity to 500kg/hr.

EPDM Rubber Recycling

Converting whole scrap rubber into high quality crumb rubber with Wiscon shredding systems. Our complete processing systems have a proven to provide precise sizing control EPDM size reduction.

Our custom designs use a variety of conveying and processing technologies to minimize product loss, increase productivity and maintain a clean operating environment.

Rubber Shredding

EPDM Shredding

The motor power is increased to ensure a sufficient shearing force to break down EPDM lumps. The largest of the EPDM granulator capacity is up to 1 ton/h. This is well suited for large plastic recyclers and rubber manufacturers to do in-house recycling.

With the unique design of rubber shredder rotor and chamber, the rotor blades and the counter blades cut materials perfectly so it produces uniform particles around 10-40mm.

Rubber Shredder Machine

Rubber Granulation

Another major feature is the heavy steel construction and the rotor. The former uses thicker steel plate to fabricate. The EPDM granulator rotor is made from a solid block of hardened steel forged without any welding, as proof of extreme solidity, strength and resistance.

All shredding machine components are interchangeable, such as the rotor blade holders, screen and wear-resistant protection plates on the sides of the cutting chamber, which ensures maximum machine efficiency and duration over time.

In addition, the opening of the infeed hopper and screen cradle are hydraulically actuated by merely one button. This facilitates an easy access to the heart of EPDM shredder and granulator, for easy maintenance and time-saving servicing.

EPDM shredder machine

Rubber Shredding System

Rubber Recycling Technologies

Wiscontech has over 20 years’ experience designing and manufacturing world-class shredders for rubber scrap like, EVA(Ethylene-vinyl acetate), EPDM(ethylene propylene diene monomer) and EPR (ethylene). We have consistently been in the forefront of developing industrial rubber shredder and granulator.



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