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News Electronic Waste Shredder and Ewaste Recycling

Electronic Waste Shredder and Ewaste Recycling

January 12, 2021     News

Nowadays, over 50 million tons of electrical and electronic scrap are generated each year. This figure is still significantly increasing. Recycling electronic devices(WEEE, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) is not just good for environmental reasons. This scrap often contains many precious metals like copper, silver, aluminum and iron that are recovered during the recycling process.

What Is E-Waste?

Each year millions of cellphones, computers and more reach the end of their useful life. When discarded, those materials become e-waste. E-waste includes cell phones,  printed circuit boards,  computers,  hard drives, video games, electronic chips, computer accessories, electronic components of all sorts, appliances, radios,  ink cartridges, office equipment such as printers, copiers and fax machines and more.

Electronic waste

Our shredding equipment plays an important role in the processing of e-waste.  From coarse shredders of bulky items to the fine shredding for processing and sampling employing multi-stage shredders, Wiscon Envirotech has a solution that fits the bill.

Why Recycling E-Waste Is Vital?

Because so much e-waste and e-scrap is being improperly disposed of, e-waste contamination is becoming a very large problem. Contaminants from e-waste such as lead, arsenic and mercury can leach into water supplies and land causing a major hazard to health and the planet. By recycling, not only are we preserving the planet we can recover many valuable materials and protecting our data. Materials such as gold, silver, plastic, aluminum and glass can be recovered. Wiscon Electronic Waste shredder plays an essential role in processing e-waste and e-scrap.

To ensure a high yield during the recovery process, the shredding step (Electronic Waste Shredder) should efficiently break down e-scrap, and release only a meager amount of fine particles. During shredding, a vaccum system has to run.

Electronic Waste Shredder

A WEEE Recycling System in Hong Kong

To tailor to e-waste, Wiscon Envirotech provides low-speed and high torque e-waste shredders with Single shaft and Dual shaft, over-band magnetic separator, metal detector and separation systems. The separation and recovery are critical elements of ewaste shredding process, because it separates useful metals from plastic.

Our electronic waste shredder provides recycled material, which is suitable for subsequent separation of precious metals from the impurities. Wiscon Envirotech Shredders and Granulators can be integrated to allow efficient shredding, separation and reclamation of marketable materials from the processing and recycling of e-waste.

Electronic Waste Shredder for Data Security

Computers, tablets, hard drives and phones contain sensitive private data that must be protected. Improper disposal of electronics can get this data into the wrong hands. Electronic Waste recycling reduces hard drives to small particles which is the safest way to secure your data. In the meantime, we enable you to reclaim valuable metals.

WEEE Shredder

Shredded Particles at 12mm



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