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News Earth Day 2020: Support Sustainability with Actions

Earth Day 2020: Support Sustainability with Actions

July 1, 2020     News

On April 22 this year, we celebrated the 50th Earth Day. More and more people realize that if you want your life to be better, protecting our ecology is essential. How to keep the fresh air and the birds chirping out of the window for a long time?

Wiscon makes it possible.

50% of plastic products are disposable. Large amounts of plastic domestic waste are difficult to reuse because it is composed of different types of plastic and contains pollutants. At present, such wastes are usually treated in a low-cost means such as incineration or landfill.

For plastic domestic waste, Wiscon has adopted a recycling and production process with considerable benefits-recycling and washing systems. In this way, plastics with fewer impurities, lower water content, and more uniform regrind can be produced, thereby achieving higher yields and higher energy efficiency, and avoiding soil and air pollution.

Plastic Recycling Technology

With this new technology, Wiscon processed nearly one ton of post-consumer plastic waste today, and the end product can be reused for medium-quality plastic products. In addition, high-value ferrous and non-ferrous metals are recovered from processed fine waste.

In addition to post-consumer plastic waste, this technology can also be used for film waste and agricultural films, mulch films, and tires, thereby closing the loops of plastic waste.

Environmental protection is not just about talking, it comes from countless small choices and persistence in life: saving water and electricity, rejecting waste; reducing the use of disposable items; printing on both sides of the paper; low carbon travel by cycling and walking.

Wiscon is committed to the development of a sustainable economy and making businesses meet the environment.



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