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News Dual Shaft Shredder

Dual Shaft Shredder

December 10, 2021     News

This article introduces background and general use of Dual Shaft Shredder (twin shaft shredder) in the recycling industry as well as the way the twin shaft shredder works. Wiscon Envitoech is a supplier of scrap recycling equipment, including single shaft shredder and twin shaft shredder.

Background of Dual Shaft Shredder

In order to better deal with the solid waste problem, twin-shaft shredder is the primary machine. This twin-shaft shredder model is an environmentally-friendly recycling shredding equipment with the advantages of uniform output particles, high shredding rate, high output, etc. These advantages lie the shredder widely used in the scrap recycling industry.

Dual Shaft Shredder with VSD

Metal Shredder Machine

The application of dual shaft shredder is mainly crushing plastic packaging barrels, household appliances, paper, leather, wood, rubber tires, basket materials, large rolls of film, large bundles of agricultural film ground film, greenhouse film, large bundles of packaged plastic film, large bundles of packaged tonnage bags woven bags, rolls of film, paper, fiber, wood, etc.

Applicable materials of double shaft shredder: This model has the characteristics of

  • High output
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low noise
  • Low dust
  • Low speed, high torque

Double-shaft shredder characteristics: A shredder is a machine used as a shredder, generally for primary shredding or course shredding at the very beginning. A typical example is the shredding of plastic or rubber trimmings as raw materials for granulation after melting, used to recreate plastic bottles, tires or garbage cans, etc.

Applications of Twin Shaft Shredder

1. Shredding unqualified products into smaller pieces for recycling.

2. Reducing the volume of unprocessed raw materials for mixing with other materials.

3. Crushing organic material to make biofuel.

4. Shredding some textile materials for fiber reuse, such as carpets.

In fact, the shredder is used to shred all kinds of plastic, IBCs, drums, rubber, tires, fibers, paper, wood, barrels, waste electrical appliances, waste cables, cars, industrial trimmings, household garbage and other solid or hollow materials.

Working Principal of Two Shaft Shredder

In the waste recycling industry, Dual Shaft Shredder can meet various waste recycling requirements and is suitable for size reducing and disintegrating electronic waste, plastic, metal, wood, waste rubber, drums, pallets and other thicker and less fragile materials.

Two shafts driven independently to properly squeeze the material, providing an automatic feeding function. A unique knife shaft structure and high torque improve efficiency by not winding the knife shaft and stopping the device. The device is suitable for the shredding of a variety of tough, sticky materials.

Shredder knives: Twin-shaft shredder knives are cast in alloy tool steel for long service life and high tearing. The thickness of the knives and the number of claws can be changed according to the different material requirements of customers. The thickness of blades determines the output size of materials.

Bearing: can be quickly disassembled and fixed, making the tool easy to maintain and replace, unique sealing structure to prevent contact between debris and grease.

Rotary Blade/Counter Blades: Adopts alloy tool steel (D2 or Hardox 50) with multiple heat treatment and cryogenic freeze heat treatment technology. These guarantee the blades to have high hardness and anti-wear.

Drum Shredder

Dual Shaft Shredder in a plastic drum recycling line in the U.S.

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