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News Commercial and Industrial Waste shredder (C&I Shredder)

Commercial and Industrial Waste shredder (C&I Shredder)

November 10, 2022     News

The secondary shredder is a heavy duty shredder that runs in high speed and produces fine particles. This is mainly used for secondary shredding or granulation of contaminant-free materials. It is an essential machine that ensures the particle size is small and uniform enough for the next step of process.

It is extensively implemented in C&I shredding, MSW shredding, RDF shredding, SRF shredding, biomasss shredding, alternative energy production. As a the biggest shredder manufacturer in China, we are proud to provide machines in all fields.

M4250, Commercial and Industrial Waste shredder

Commercial and Industrial Waste shredder

Back to the C&I shredder, it features many unique functions and design highlights, and here are some listed.

  • Hydraulically actuated screen cradle for quick screen replacement.
  • A rear service door for tramp removal and easy servicing.
  • Swing arm travels in 45 degrees of circular path.
  • Speed/torque closed-loop control to prevent overload and heavy load.
  • In case of clogging, the rotor automatically reverses to clear the jam.
  • Workload balance distribution system under dual drive.

Commercial and Industrail Waste Shredder in Operation

Rugged and strong, this juggernaut produces up to 10 ton/h with a particle size of 30-40mm. Paired with a belt conveyor, the shredded particles are immediately carried out.


Secondary shredding matters in size control. A reliable industrial shredder plays a major role in receiving preshredded stream materials in bulk, and generates 40mm by 40mm particles. These fine particles become a source of RDF (refuse-derive fuel). As a Commercial and Industrial Waste shredder, Wiscon M series guarantees its secondary shredding (fine shredding).

Fine Shredder

Secondary Shredding Machine

  • Motor: 132kW*2+11kW, IP54
  • Invertor motor
  • Rotor diameter: 800mm
  • Rotor Length: 3000mm
  • Number of Rotary blade: 150pcs (DC53)
  • Rotary blade size: 60*60
  • Number of Counter blade: 6pcs
  • Speed: 150-300rpm Screen opening: hexagon, 60mm~100mm
  • Ram: Swing arm
  • Dimension: 6500mm*3000mm*4700mm
  • Rated Power: 291kW
  • Weight: 35,000kg



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