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China Shredder

October 1, 2021     News

China Shredder Machines by Wiscon Envirotech comes with either a single, double or quadruple motors of up to 1,000 horsepower that operate at 20-60 rpm. Whether your application is, our durable shredders can face the challenges of dirty, hard materials and large quantity. The hardened and tempered shaft and rotor would turn the waste into pieces. This article will go over our shredder by 4 aspects.


We engineered our China shredder to operate 24/7 operations, and have crafted an incredibly durable machine capable of handling multiple and tough applications.

All motors are driven by motor and transmitted by a high-safety-factor gear reducer.

The screen diameters are fully customizable from 20mm to 100mm.


The main purposes of the industrial shredder are processing large objects, and preprocessing objects to a smaller size. Various objects can be processed; mainly waste plastics, scrap wood, paper, textile, and small electric appliances.

The machine has 2 modes: manual and automatic. Automatic is for long-term operation, while manual is for servicing.


Safety is our prority. There are 2 safety switches on the screen cradle and maintenance doors. This measure prevents personel from accessing a rotating rotor when machine is running.

An independent control box on the framwork and control cabinet both equip emergency swtich for special cases.


All of Wiscon China Shredder machine can automatically detects the load amount and thus actuate the pusher to optimize the workload. In case of jamming, the rotor changes rotation patterns, unclog the object that cause the jamming.

The shredding machine automatically stops when idling for 10 min.

Inside of a Single Shaft Shredder

Inside of a Single Shaft Shredder

China Shredder Specs

Rotor diameter: 250 (minimum) to 280mm (maximum)

Rotor length: 660 (minimum) to 1000mm (maximum)

Rotor knives: 12 (minimum) to 30 (maximum) and approximately 30mm thickness per pick.

Number of shafts: 2 and the shafts must be made of hardened and tempered steel.

The cutting unit shall consist of 2 cutting shafts and 2 clearing shafts.

Alternative cutting shaft arrangement can be considered.

Cutting unit working width 460 (minimum) to 1000mm(maximum), Length 550mm (minimum) to 700mm (maximum)and Shaft-diameter: 230mm (minimum) to 280mm(maximum)

Provision of wear plate protection for cutting unit

Exhaust connection diameter: not more than 200mm (maximum)

The minimum motor speed shall be 1,400rpm

Power: electric motors with up to 2 x22 kW (maximum) drive performance for each

The China shredder body is made of cast iron

The industrial China shredder must be electrical power driven (3 phase).

Weight (range): 3±1.5 tons

China Shredder

Shredder machine in show Room


Shredder Spare Parts and Wear Parts



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