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News CD Shredder and CD Destroyer

CD Shredder and CD Destroyer

January 15, 2021     News

Compacted discs are composed of sheet-based materials and a metallic layer. This material is often seen in floppy disc and DVD. Making discs demands very high material requirements. The material characteristics are high transparency, thermal stability and impact resistance.
The material for the production of discs is polycarbonate(PC), which can be extracted from petroleum and is a material in short supply worldwide, with a price of more than $3,000 per ton.

CD shredder

CD Shredding and Destroying

Recycling CD is a profitable business, yet shredding CD serves as data protection. Bytes of sensitive information are recorded on CD, DVD and floppy disc. Without complete destruction, the precious information may fall into wrong hands. Even worse, the disc information may be re-utilized unlawfully like privating and data copying.

CD shredder is a way to destroy CD, DVD and floppy disc and all data-containing devices. The high torque of DVD shredder can crush a big amount of materials into unrecognizable and unrecoverable pieces. The machine is also fine for safely destroying hard drives, USBs, SSDs, cell phones, optical media, and gadgets in bulk.

CD destroyer

CD Incineartion

On the other hand, a simple incineration of used discs is likely to produce carcinogenic substances – a dioxin, causing atmospheric pollution, while dioxin-like substances are very stable, with a high melting point, extremely difficult to dissolve in water, can be dissolved in most organic solvents, is colorless and tasteless fat-soluble substances, so it is very easy to accumulate in living organisms, causing serious harm to humans.

Wiscon Envirotech empowers you to destroy CD’s and floppy disks in seconds with a CD shredder. CD Shredders process through CDs & DVDs, leaving them in small, unreadable particles of useless plastic and metals. Combining with our metal separator, you can further increase product value.

Find a lower price on a CD shredder and we will match it. Order your CD destroyer today!



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