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News Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics Shredder

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics Shredder

December 4, 2022     News

This article discusses a mechanical approach of downsizing and recycling carbon fiber reinforced plastics of all kinds. Primarily, the size reduction is performed by 2 kinds of industrial shredders.

Carbon fiber reinforced plastics are a composite comprised of carbon fiber and epoxy. Despite the manufacturing process is costly, they have a high weight-strength ratio. Recently, they replace traditional materials, because of its light-weight and high strength.

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Shredder

Carbon Fiber Crusher

Carbon fiber reinforced plastics are often molded in different shapes and forms in transportation, aviation, sport gear, medical, and construction industry. Common shapes include panel, tube, pipe, and customized shell.

By Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics Shredder, Wiscon offers a one-step or two-step solution to reduce the volume of scrap carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Your scrap CFRP is from:

  • Rejected and non-conforming parts
  • Trims and cut and left-over from production

We can offer you a complete solution from crush to recycle.

What can Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics Shredder process?

Take all patterns including unidirectional, pultruded, twill weave, checkered weave, and plain weave into consideration, Wiscontech CFRP shredder can tackle all materials. The whole rig is ready to crush the following carbon fiber products into pieces.

  • Carbon fiber plate
  • Carbon fiber rod and pipe
  • Pre-impregnated carbon fiber + epoxy

When many Carbon fiber reinforced plastics are produced, the recycling of them becomes a major problem. Carbon fiber reinforced plastics, due to their high strength and chemical stability, are hard to size reduce. Here at Wiscon, a heavy-duty industrial shredder can seamlessly solve this problem.

How does CFRP Crusher work?

We first look into the shape and size of the carbon fiber products. If they are rods, tubes and pipes, a single-shaft shredder is your first choice. It works like this: once the materials fall into the shedding chamber, a horizontal ram pushes them to a slow-speed rotor. The rotor chips off the materials gradually. The shredded materials then exit from the screen beneath if their size is less than 40mm by 40mm.

Shredded chips at 40mm by 40mm

The rotor and counter knives are reinforced alloy and excellent in hardness and anti-wearability. Our proven choice of blade materials can effectively downsize carbon fiber at a minimal cost.

On the other hand, if your carbon fiber reinforced polymer is big or merely a frame, a double-shaft shredder works better than single-shaft shredder. Why? Because the carbon fiber reinforced polymer is brittle, while cross biting of the two rotors can tear down quickly.

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer shredder

CFRP shredder, double-shaft version

The smallest size that we can realize is 8-12mm by a granulator. The shredded particles delivered by a conveyor to a central granulator. During granualtion, the crushing chamber can reach 50 degree celcuis and because of this, the epoxy melts. Thanks to a water-cooling rotor, we can prevent this from happening.

Regardless of you are a carbon fiber reinforced plastic manufacturer, carbon fiber reinforced plastic laboratory (in-housing recycling), and carbon fiber reinforced plastic recycling plant (central recycling).

Carbon fiber reinforeced polymer is one aspect of our waste management, consult us for more! See also, fiberglass shredder and recycling.



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