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News Car Part Shredder

Car Part Shredder

September 15, 2022     News

The Wiscon car part granulator enables one-step recycling of many plastic and metal parts from a car. As plastic parts are produced by injection molding. To name a few, oil pans, fenders and bumpers. Among all car plastic parts, they are mainly ABS, PA, PMMA, PP, PU, PVC and glass fibre or carbon fibre.

The outer shell of a vehicle is made of metals. Most metal parts except shaft are 100% destructable by Wiscon metal shreder. Taking the advantages of high torque and durability of a auto part shredder, the capacity can reach 5 ton/hr. Upgrading the drive to hydraulic motor, the output materials can be even smaller and the capacity is higher.

The videos below say all. Tested and proven by auto part manufacturers and auto makers, Wiscon is dare to offer you the most comprehensive and reliable shredding solution.

Car part granulator

Car Door Panel Recycling

Car Part Granulator

Featuring CL8160 (1600mm wide and 800mm in diameter) utilizes 200kW motor, this mega machine aims for crushing long and thick vehicle parts. The cyclong collects 12mm regrinds in one second.

Car Part Shredder

The video demonstrates a 100HP metal shredder. Ruthlessly shearing car door and seats is its task. The replaceable blades make maintenance and blade replacement easy. Thanks to the splined shaft, an operator can pull and install a blade with a breeze.

Voluminous and large surface area vehicle plastic parts such as bumpers or parts dismounted from old cars, plastic tanks, door interior claddings, etc can also be granulated.

Granulator and Shredder Typical Applications

  • Thermoforming – Continuous and single station applications.
  • Blow moulding – Water containers, gas tanks
  • Injection moulding: bumpers, instrument panels, door panels, lighting, manifolds, grilles, headlights, tail lights, interior trim, seating,
  • Recycling: disposed auto and end-of-life cars
  • Cables: plastic and copper shredding and recovery systems.
Car part shredder

Electric drive shredder

As a supplier of car part shredder and auto part granulator, Wiscon Envirotech is proud to be a Chinese manufacture to serve the recycling segment of automotive industry.



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