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News Cable Recycling Introduction

Cable Recycling Introduction

October 25, 2020     News

As an increasing amount of waste piles up in the global landfills, Wiscon has engaged in cable recycling(cable shredder) near 20+ years.  Since non-ferrous metal like aluminum and copper is 100% recyclable with no lack of quality, recycling of wire and cables has always been a hot business.

Cable Recycling Applications

Wiscon provides little and medium-sized cable recycling plants from 500 kg/hr to 1500 kg/hr, while concentrates on higher capacity recycling alternatives from 1500 kg/h to 9000 kg/hr (for many different kinds of cable).

Wiscon includes cable recycling machines and options for processing household cables, wires, coaxial cable, telecommunication cables, and underground wires. Based on the kind of cable, we can obtain a 99% pure metallic portion of copper or aluminum.

cable shredderwire shredder

Cable Shredder and Wire Recycling Machine

Cables are wrapped by a layer of plastic coating. The insulation covers the metal part that is made of copper or aluminum.

So how to recycle cables? Wiscon wire recycling system setup comprises a shredder, a granulator, and a metal separation station.

1. Cable Shredder

This machine debales and shreds cables into pieces at a size of 40mm. After the process, the plastic coating is still adhesive with the metalcore.

2. Cable Granulator

Next, the shredded cables go to a cable granulator for further size reduction to 12mm. This results in effective size reduction and separation of plastic insulation and metalcore. Wiscon granulator is able to crush light metal waste without any trouble!

3. Metal Separation

Lastly, with the help of eddy-current metal separation, non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum are respectively discharged and collected. Adding a magnetic separator can remove ferrous metals like iron and steel.

We empower you to start cable recycling plants with capacities that range from 100-3000 kg/hr. In addition, we can make tailored solutions to satisfy particular customer requirements.


Q & A

The following is some questions customers often ask:

What kind of waste can we process?

  • A mixture of waste processing from households
  • Post-commercial waste
  • Post-industrial waste

What are the end-products and by-products?

Our desired product is fine copper particles. Without grinding, its particle size is 1omm.

copper Cable recycling

copper fine particles

Valuable products:

  • Refuse derived fuel
  • Recyclable plastics (PET, HDPE and PP) from cable skin


  • Wastewater
  • Debris
  • Unrecyclables but sized reduced waste

Features of Our recycling machine?

  • Gets maximum output from your waste stream
  • Processes a mixture of  material streams: city MSW, construction and demolition waste, organics, and commercial waste
  • Optional with several conversion technologies: anaerobic digestion, pyrolysis and gasification
  • Lowers power consumption and labor cost

Recycling machines are a big investment concern with labour and time, always think of details and pay attention to the details of the projects. Anyway, you can always consult Wiscon for more info about how to recycle cable.

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