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News Bulky Waste Shredding

Bulky Waste Shredding

December 29, 2020     News

The Wiscon bulky waste shredder is designed to be installed as a primary in facilities for the treatment of solid urban waste, bulky waste, industrial waste and for all packaged and bulk materials. Bulky Waste Shredding is an essential step for size reducing waste that is big in size.


The equipment is capable of shredding solid urban waste, industrial waste, tires and bulky waste, such as wood, sofas, carpets, among others – except high resistance metal waste (rails, beams, etc.).

Bulky Waste Recycling Solutions

Commercial and industrial waste, bulky waste, production waste, waste, paper and textile waste, pruning, logs, palms, waste and demolition wood and battery treatment, refrigerators or any other white goods. Large devices and appliances, however, also contain large amounts of useful materials for recovery and sell on.

The innovative technology adopted ensures a reduction in maintenance costs and simplifies management.

The rotation cycle of the axes is controlled by the PLC, allowing them to work with large quantities of material, avoiding downtime due to overloads or bridges in the hopper, without the need to install optional accessories such as the hydraulic pusher.

Bulky Waste

The bulky waste shredding system is available in different models and sizes to meet all production needs, from the smallest to the largest quantities. The bulky waste shredder is capable of breaking and opening the bale, and processing the material up to a size of 200-300 mm.

Bulky Waste recycling

Thanks to these applications, the bulky waste shredder has proven to be the ideal machine in plastic washing and recovery systems. It is also used effectively as an armored glass plate pre-shredder obtaining excellent results and high productivity. We understand the tough requirements of bully waste processing. With our newly engineered waste shredder we are able to offer the ideal product that meets these tough requirements for both low operating costs and high availability.



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